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Newly Diagnosed with EBV and have questions

After a worrisome 3 months I have been diagnosed with active EBV. At first my doctor was worried I had lymphoma as my neck lymph nodes were swollen, behind my ear, supraclavicular region and groin. A ct scan also showed a couple swollen in my mesentric and retroperitoneal location. After a excisional biopsy on supraclavicular region it came back as benign and reactive only. The oncologist sent me to an infectious diseases doctor who ran a “mono” test for active and inactive. He called me and said my “active level” was an 11.5 on a normal scale of 1-10 and “inactive” was 174 on a normal 1-20! Can someone explain this to me as I am still a bit confused. I’m also very worried as this increases my chances of cancer and I am 25. I’m also still worried there may be something else wrong with me because I don’t see anywhere stating EBV can cause swollen lymph nodes in stomach and supraclavicular region.. bleh. I also don’t even recall being sick enough to have mono! Atleast not in the past 2 years. Thanks for any Input!
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