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Please help EBV test results

Hello I'll try not to make this too long. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2009. Beginning in early May I started having strange flulike symptoms. Swollen neck glands sore throat low-grade fever painful burning tongue red rash like areas on my neck. I went to my GP and she ran bloodwork and she said it all came back normal. A couple months later the symptoms flared up again and then a couple weeks ago they came back again. (My dr had dismissed it as a fibro flare) with this last episode I began researching online and came across the possibility of a chronic Epstein-Barr virus flareup. When I went to the doctor last Thursday and ask her about this she said I couldn't have mono because my spleen was not enlarged. After I begged her she ordered tests. This is what the numbers are:
VCA IGM. AB.  (Standard range is 0.0-35.9 U/mL).   Mine is <36.0
VCA IgG. AB.    ( stand range is 0.0-17.9 U/mL. )        Mine is. 165.0. And flagged as High
EBV Nuc Ag IgG AB. ( stand range is 0.0-17.9 UmL).   Mine is 47.1. And flagged as high

I don't see a section labeled "early Antigen"
Her RN called and said I don't have mono or the EBV. - and that is not why I'm sick

My WBC and RBC both are lower than they were in May

I don't understand.  What do the results mean?  I have never had Mono (that I know of). But
This sore throat swollen gland low fever sweating tired ill feeling is really bad.  I have lost a lot of work because
Whenever I have any stress or exertion it makes me worse. I only work 3    7 hour days as a secretary.
What could this be? What dr should I go see.  I don't think my dr believes in reactive or chronic EBV.
Is that normal?  I have a friend that is an RN and she said you get mono and then you never have
Epstein Barr again.
Please any help would be greatly appreciated.  
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Sorry you haven't felt well. But your results show past infection. It is not a current infection. I don't think this is mono or reactivation. It sounds like a different virus. EBV doesn't cause a rash. The fever is usually very high when you first get it not low grade. Actually the new data is that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by human herpesvirus 6. EBV is a type of herpes virus family too but this particular type causes a lot of problems. You might be able to get typed for it. The only treatment for reactivation is Acyclovir. Also just trying to stay low stressed and eating well and keeping your immune system up. I think the virus you had probably wasn't totally gone and you just got lowered immunity and it came back.
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Thank you so much for your response. Can I ask why on my labs those 2 results are flagged as "high"?  
Are you saying the "fever is high when you first get it" referring to the original mono? Or reactivated.
I don't think I have mono I was thinking I had a recurrent or reactivated EBV ? But you say no.
And do you mean the herpes from EBV cause a lot of problems or HER 6?
I might be able to get typed for what?
Just wanting to be totally clear- thanks!
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Sorry I wasn't more clear. I guess I was getting tired.
1. The IgG high results mean you have past infection. So, the IgG goes up when you have been exposed to the virus in the past not present. IgM goes up when you are actively (just got it) infected. Such as the first month of infection then it goes down. After a month or so the IgG starts to go up and remains up for life. It is protective. Having said that with EBV except, the VCA IgM can be positive for a long time, at least according to the Mayo clinic website.

2.Yes the fever is high with a new infection (when you first get it) or the original mono.

3. I meant that people think EBV is reactivated but it is really Human HER 6 that  you get. Even though EBV and CMV are both in the Herpes family.

4. You may be able to get typed for Human herpes type 6. But I don't think it matters. people don't really do this. But if you wanted to look it up you can look under human herpes virus type 6 and you will find it causes lots of problems from MS to Lymphoma to chronic fatigue syndrome etc. Don't worry you don't have the other problems.

5. you could have reactivated HHV6 or HER 6 which people think is EBV reactivated. But it doesn't give you a rash and so I am thinking you may have some other virus.


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Thanks for clarifying! One more quick question. Do you believe that people can suffer from a reactivation of the EBV or OKA chronic EBV?   Because most drs don't .

I am looking up the HHV6. Strangely enough back before this all started I had developed a strange case of hives...out of know where .
My Dr did a blood test for parvovirus B19...
It showed I had it but not now.
I'm going with CFS that is what would explain the swollen glands
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Well, with all the people that I see on here suffering from CFS and they have had EBV it seems like reactivation. It that or they have human herpes virus 6 and think it is EBV. Whichever is the case they have CFS. It sounds like you have it to some degree. I still don't understand the rash.
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Over a month ago, My 16 year old son was breaking out in a rash durning baseball practice (he&#x27;s been playing since he was 6 and is on the high school team, 3rd year)  he was put on Benadryl and  Tagamet. It didn&#x27;t help he was still breaking out. He complained of headache and leg pain at a practice game, so we took him to the emergency they prescribed him prednisone that was on a Saturday,on Monday at baseball practice he broke out severely and his throat started closing up on him so we rushed him to the emergency room, he was  admitted to the hospital they did blood work, he was positive for EBV at the early stages. He still is breaking out in a rash every day.  I am at my wits end trying to find out what is going on here, also his liver function was elevated it has gone down some when we checked two weeks ago. We have also seen an allergist because of this and they all say it&#x27;ll go away eventually!  At this point he is unable to play baseball which is the love of his life!
I am sorry that you have gone through all this. I think going to the allergist is the right course of action. It does sound like an allergy. You may want to make a list of the things he is exposed to and foods he is eating and do an elimination diet or topicals and so forth. Hopefully, you can get to the root of the problem. It sounds like it is something at baseball  (trees or does eat nuts there etc.).
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