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What does my EBV test/panel results mean?

I have had all the symptoms of mono over the last two months but I also came down once with flu type A and strep twice. My nurse practitioner ordered a Monospot which came back positive and then an EBV panel.

My results are:
VCA IgM - negative
Early Antigen (EA), IgG - positive/high
VCA IgG - positive/high
Nuclear Antigen - negative

This combo of positives/negative was not in the ‘interpretation’ section of the results document. Her interpretation was that I had been infected with EBV in the past and something else might be causing a high EA. The lab result sheet  it’s with a flag that HIV, Hepatitis A and C can cross link with the assay and raise EA levels so she took blood to test for all three. I did some research online and found that my combination of results is in some interpretation charts and not in others. The charts that do have my combo say that this means I likely have a recent infection but the nuclear antigen hasn’t appeared yet.

The anxiety is killing me though. The fact that she wanted to check these other infections and that my result was flagged on the lab sheet with the note about cross linking is causing so much worry I’m having trouble focusing on anything. Has anyone else had this combination before?
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Read from Fatigue to Fantastic. Take Pro boost & D-Ribose. I was sick for 8 months in 2010. I take the Ribose everyday & I have been good for 12 years now.
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Which pro-boost do you recommend. I saw a few that said protein A and another that said protein a vitamin. D
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As soon as I posted this I got a call saying all the other tests were normal so I do have Mono.
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