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ebv concern help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




hello i have been dealing with ebv for almost 5 months now that i look back the first symptoms were so obvious but hospitals kept turning me away saying i needed to see a therapist and blaming all the effects on my newborn daughter who i had june 19th and felt the first sighns august 3rd.....the next few weeks the events followed very very tired hardly could do anything loss of appetite....a few times i woke up and would vommit that lasted a few days...horrible burning pain in neck  for about a month....by the end of september i had finally found a doctor who believed somthing was wrong with me and tested me for numerious things finally a positive on the ebv by late sep i was eating better having more energy and no vommiting and neck burning went away>>>now lets forward until now late nov i deal with on a daily basis muscle spasams burning like feeling lower legs occasional in chest parathesia feeling on face and head and headaches....SO the big? is this ebv related??????? or the start of a autoimmune disease in aug i had a false positive lupus they said it was like that because i just had my daughter going in a week for a retest
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Have you been back to the doctor since you posted this? I would think that your primary would send you to both a neurologist and a rheumatalogist. Write down all your symptoms, when they started, how bad they are (scale of 1 to 10), what tests you have had so far but insist they re-do them.  I hope you get some help. You have to be pro-active. I know I have had to be. I have CFS, Fibro and Peripheral Neuropathy and had a positive ANA test but no answer why. It's difficult but please try to get answers.

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