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post viral fatigue?

Hi All.

Was wondering if anyone had any idea on the following.

After months of feeling worn down and having really bad joint pain and muscle weakness, I went to the doctors, who ran a load of blood tests, and found "reactivated form of glandular fever" and very very slightly elevated white cell count. She said I must have had the EBV at some point. The only thing I can remember is about 6 months before, having a very sore throat and high temperature but only for about week. Ever since I have had recurring sore throats, muscle weakness, joint pain, every so often I get a swollen lymph nodes, which sting but not redness, feel tired all the time, and get tired from things like pushing a trolly around the supermarket or walking the stairs!

I am going back to Doctors as it has been a few months since my last tests and I am fed up.

I wondered if this sounds like anything anyone could share with me.

Thanks :-)
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Hi Bella, this sounds like EBV, so I think you have come to the right place!!  The symptoms you had about 6 months ago (sore throat and high temp.) are exactly what I had when I first contracted mono.  Honestly, I really didn't feel tired until I had a relapse about a month later, at which time the sore throat came back but with no fever (the swollen glands never really went away in that time).  For me, the fatigue was the only symptom I had after another month or so, but it took me a year of resting as much as I could and really trying to take it easy before I got over it.  Rather than focusing on the overall time it takes, I would suggest focusing on your day-to-day living, and hopefully you will see improvements there.  I think it's good you are going back to your doctor though, as there are other things which could cause similar symptoms too.  Please let us know what you find out, and if you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask!  By the way, is a supermarket "trolley" in the UK like a cart?  I'm just curious because I've never heard them called anything other than a shopping cart!
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haha, yeah a shopping trolley is what you guys call a cart! That made me laugh.
I am quite anxious about the array of symptoms, and hope to get some answers tomorrow. I will keep you informed,

thanks for your words of advice!

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Well I went to the Doctors today...

She is running a load more repeat blood tests, including things like a celiac blood test even though she said that she expects it to come back negative. She says that she is going to check everything possible with blood tests that may show up something before considering CFS and referring me on to a support team. She said lymph node swelling and stinging is not concerning if it comes and goes and could feel nothing of concern on physical examination.

I am hoping for some answers soon, I am so confused!

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Going back over your original post, I don't think you mentioned anything about being tested for EBV.  Did you actually get the EBV titer test done?  And thanks for the clarification of trolley; whenever I hear that word, I picture the ones that go down the tracks in San Francisco!   :-)
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When I initially went to the Doctors feeling run down, the test showed up that the EBV had been reactivated rather than the virus in its primary form; they retested it to make sure and it came back the same. My doctor said it meant that at some time in the past it means I have had the EBV in it's primary form. I think this would have been the year before when I remember having the worst sore throat I have ever had for a week or so and a fever, but I just let it run its couse at the time.

Ha yeah, I think shopping cart sounds odd, I forget a lot of people are from the US on here!
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