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Desperate for my ED and my premature eyaculation

Hi, let's see if anyone has a similar problem and can serve as a guide. For a few years now, I have been suffering from an erectile dysfunction problem where I basically have really loose erections, which goes to such an extent that I am unable to enjoy anything ever (masturbation becomes even unpleasant looking at it like that).

I am quite young, so age is not an issue. At the time, I did consider that the problem might be psychological, because I could swear that I've had decent nocturnal erections when I've coincidentally woken up at the right time. Also, I've never had a problem with sexual performance, so I don't think it could be that. I pretty much ruled it out because basically if I have a naked woman in front of me I have the same problem as if I try to masturbate on my own (with porn, imagination or whatever).

I think I can also rule out venous leakage because, as you say, you should have an erection in one position that disappears in another, which doesn't happen to me (directly, I never have a decent erection). With all this, little by little I was gaining strength the hypothesis that it is something to do with the pelvic floor. And now I can tell you a little bit about my theory.

For years, I've had a nasty habit, which I hope to get out of sooner rather than later, of masturbating while watching porn on a tablet in my room, sitting all the time. So bad is the habit, that I've gotten into the habit of sometimes spending several hours just giving the subject a little movement. The thing is, with such a loose erection, in the end cumming is more out of sheer necessity than wanting to, as the orgasm is ridiculous.

I remember when I first started doing it, I had good erections and then suddenly there came a day when the issue started to get looser until quite some time later I was aware that I had caused myself a problem.

I have about two main theories. On the one hand there is the theory that by dedicating so many hours to it but leaving masturbation itself on the back burner, my pelvic floor "forgot" to tighten up when necessary.

The other theory is a bit of the opposite... that by sitting for so long doing that, I got used to tensing the muscles to keep the semen in and ended up with an over-trained pelvic floor.

In addition to all this, there are other evidences, such as that after urinating I often have a feeling of incomplete emptying and it is true that I have certain difficulties with the force of urination, although I do not leak or anything like that (but I always get a drop that I do not know if it is my fault for not draining well...): crazy: ) and at the intestinal level, it's not that I have pains or strange things, but too often I experience bowel movements that are not exactly diarrhea but are not quite normal (sometimes I have a suffering that is a little difficult to describe). In addition, I have noticed that, for example, when I go running, I always end up with the urge to defecate (with a lot of gas, especially), and not in the normal way either.

The thing is that, during masturbation, I get some erection (the angle of the penis is pretty good, but it lacks a lot of hardness) and if I contract the pelvic floor, it gets pretty hard (but as soon as I let go, bye-bye, plus even contracted it doesn't hold much). And this is where I bring up the pelvic muscle issue more. When I masturbate, I have an almost permanent feeling that if I keep going a little longer, I'm going to ejaculate, so I always stop. There, it looks to me like the muscle is not tightening enough to tell the semen "for the moment, you can't go through, buddy".

Another thing I have is loss of sensation. I notice something pleasurable, but it's not enough at all. Coincidentally, the other day I squeezed my pelvic floor hard with the mamma (holding it) and I managed to regain that sensitivity I had before and for several minutes I enjoyed masturbation, because apart from that I didn't feel the problem of ejaculation. Unfortunately, minutes later it was like that sweet spot disappeared. I tried again a few more days and there was no way, back to business as usual. I really don't understand what happened there.

In the end, it becomes a vicious circle because if I have pelvic floor problems I don't feel pleasure and, if I don't feel pleasure, I'm not going to have an erection and that's going to make that, being the subject flaccid, I don't feel pleasure.

I have been trying to do the Kegel exercises lately, about 4 weeks (I have to admit that a bit in my own way and in a rather irregular way) and I have not noticed anything (neither better nor worse), in fact, it rather makes me want to urinate more. I have also tried doing it the other way around and I have been working on diaphragmatic breathing for two days now. I have not had a single result either. Right now I am already lost. I don't know if I should tighten, if I should relax, if I should do the reverse Kegels, if it's because of my bad posture, that I'm sitting too long or if it's because of tight underwear. Be that as it may, I've had a very long season where nothing ever happens to me at all, nor do I get better or worse with anything I try and I'm starting to get very lost. Every time I try to do any exercise, my urge to urinate increases 400 fold. I hope someone can guide me in some minimal way, in case something similar has happened to you. The truth is that I have seen here cases of people who have improved doing Kegels and I'm sure that my problem goes there, but it frustrates me to never achieve anything. Thanks in advance
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i don’t have an answer and actually i’m kinda going through the same thing, not as severe but similar. any progress or answers?
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I tried to change my diet recently, to cut added sugars as much as possible, but now my erections are even worse.
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Hey, thanks for posting.  I sent you an inbox message.
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