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Erectile dysfunction

I am 23 years old.I am not able to have erections due to my thoughts. I am not able to visualize my thoughts. I am getting erections only while watching porn or having some liquid material on my penis. What is the reason for my erectile dysfunction? I am suffering from this problem from last 1 year. I had left varicocele surgery 2 years ago. Is the surgery has anything to do with it??Any one reply
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Cut back on the porn for a while.
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Hi Steve, Its one of two things, So first you proberly got porn enduced ED, So an 8 week sabbatical is your ticket out, so its no masturbating and no sexual contact of any king during the 8 weeks, and its best if you clear your computer of any porn sites, clear away any downloads and last throw away any porn discs, this is away of rebooting your body, its a part of healing it.
So in 8 weeks come back and tell me your now getting nocternal erections and morning woods, if not they should be soon.
And second your varicocele, could be the problem, but as that was two years ago, and the problem is only a tear old, my moneys on the porn enduced ED.
Good Luck
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Thanks, will follow your advice and will reply you after 8 weeks...
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