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Erectile dysfunctions

I was masturbating the other day, and I’m not sure if I flexed too hard or not. But I felt this weird feeling in my pelvic floor maybe? Like in my taint. It didn’t hurt. But it got my attention as I gasped. Ever since then, my erections haven’t been as strong and I can’t “flex” my **** like I used to. I flex and I feel it in my balls and at the base, but the closer I get to the tip, I can tell the flex isn’t in full effect. Maybe like something’s blocked? Or hopefully just weak at the moment.  It’s only been about 1 week and it’s definitely harder to flex now more than ever after I had sex with my gf all weekend. But after the first nut, I’m just banging 3/4 hard. I’m still able to nut. But why can’t I flex? Why is it more difficult to stay hard? Do I need to take a break? How long do I need?
Nothing hurts. It just isn’t the same. Please just tel me this is temporary and guide me back into the light.
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So, it's hard to know exactly what you are talking about with 'taint' as I have no idea what that refers to.  But it sounds like the issue is semi soft erections? If so, please see your doctor. This can be due to poor blood flow to the penis.  
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