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Erection Problem

Hello I lost job 1 and half years ago and then i started masturbating like almost daily and now I get erections with porn but they go off very quickly.... and I also feel that my girth has been decreased....is there any serious problem?does masturbation effect penis girth ? I alredy started working out and lost weight
please help
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The failure to obtain and maintain a solid enough erection for sex is referred to as erectile dysfunction (impotence). Having erection issues now and then isn't really a cause for alarm.
That's true.  It can definitely occasionally happen and guys tend to freak out about it.  But lots of things can cause it here and there like stress, fatigue, etc.  And people should always look at if they happen to take a medication that this is a side effect of f it happens more regularly.
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Masturbation will NOT affect length or girth either way, so no worries there.

The only thing I’d say about porn is it can be kind of addictive - if guys get too used to relying on it for masturbation, they may not have that same mental ‘stimulation’ when with a partner.

Masturbation itself  will not cause ED issues, but as with porn, if you get too used to a particular type of stimulation (like using a ‘death grip’), again, you prbly will not feel that same stimulation & could lose your erection when with a partner. That would not be true ED , which is a physical inability to get & maintain an erection, that would be more of the ‘psychological’ effect - the ‘plumbing’ (blood flow, etc.) is working just fine, but worry & tension are preventing things from working as they should ...

As GR says, sometimes as guys we focus too much on our ‘performance’ instead of connecting w/ our partner & just enjoying the feeling. I think you’ll be OK if you just relax a bit & not worry or put too much pressure on yourself to ‘perform’.

In the meantime, I would suggest trying masturbation without looking at porn - you can use your imagination or whatever gets you in the mood & just focus on the pleasurable feelings. After all, that’s what most of us did when we first discovered masturbation - I didn’t know anything about porn or sex at that point & didn’t even know what I was doing, other than it just felt good !!
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