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Erection Problems

Hi I am 24 years old and have had a lot of sex with a lot of guys for about four years..However ever since I start sex I have never had an erection. With the exception of a couple of times but it would last for less than a minute and still would not be rock hard enough for penetration

I am gay and I am versatile in my mind. However I can never ever be top because of this.

I used to drink heavily since the age of 14 and I used to smoke both of which I do not anymore. I am not sure if this has something to do with it?

When I am on my own I can get erections and I have a very high libido however even when alone whilst I do have an erection it is not rock, rock solid...The only times I have experienced a super sensitive and rock, rock hard penis is after I have drank heavily and perhaps quit and morning after sort of thing.

What should I do? I apologize for the crudeness of my language such as rock, rock hard but it is the most effective way of describing my issue with you.
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Hi Tom, Try this, google my hard wear, they sell lots of differant c*ck rings, seeing as you can get a good semi goping you may find that a ring will take you all the way, I have one it works for me and my wife, I got one to boost my erections after ED.
Good Luck
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Not to be a *****, but is it possible that maybe you are not so "gay" The times when you have had an erection with a partner maybe were just very highly stimulated or excited because of the act of sex.
You are to young for ED. So maybe you are not that turned on by men. Have you ever been with a woman? If so did it turn out badly, in other words could you perform? You say for 4 years, since you were about 20. What about before the age of 20 or were you a virgin? And of course have you been checked for STD's
I do hope you find an answer to this problem. Good Luck. Let me know how things turn out.
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