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Erection only with strong physical stimulation


how I figured out, I'm not the only one who suffers from a special form of incapability. I cannot get and keep an erection only by mental or visual stimulation. An erection is only possible after a strong and direct physical stimulation. It makes no difference if I'm with my wife, another girl or I'm just masturbating. For my partners it's very unusual and they assume that I'm not excited. That causes problems because they loose the interest of continuing any sexual activity when they see me limp despite of the fact that that I continuously confirming them to be sexually excited.

When the physical stimulation stops, the erection goes away within seconds. As soon as I continue stroking the erection develops again, no matter how aroused I'm in my mind. It all depends on  physical stimulation only.

I have this problem since early puberty. More or less since I was 9 or 10 years old. I can clearly remember when I was in this age I got a real hard spontaneous erection with even no stimulation that lasted for at least 30 min and was very embarrassing for me. It happened on the way from school to home and I wear my jacket in front of me that nobody could notice it.
I also experienced strong morning woods every morning that lasted until I finally reached the toilet behind my mother's back.

Since that time I never experienced again spontaneous erections. Only with physical stimulation. My morning woods are rare and when I recognize them they are weak and go away in the moment I reach the conscious.

I'm now 36 years old and this has been a problem for all the years.
For further information:
   I'm a sportive, healthy person with a good condition.
   No background diseases like cancer, HIV, STD, diabetes,  high blood pressure or something significant else
  I'm not or was on any medication
  I have a good diet with vitamin supplements in addition.
  No smoking and occasional drinking of alcohol.

Finally I visited a doctor for that issue 3weeks ago. He asked me for my symptoms, I had to fill out several forms and he made a blood test.

The results of the test confirmed everything is  in the normal area and the testosterone in the lower third of normal range. Despite of this fact he prescribed me testosterone depot injections and viagra. The injections have to be renewed every month three times at all.  He commented on his decision that the testosterone will trigger a process in body. Maybe he meant the endogenous testosterone production? I don't know.
Since the first injection it past already one month and I have realized an increase of energy and libido besides a faster growth of muscles. But my capability of erection didn't increase. I have the same problem like before.
Even with Viagra I can't  achieve an erection without physical stimulation. I feel a better circulation in my penis but nothing happens as long I don't touch him. The only useful effect is that I can keep an once achieved erection a little bit longer.

Does anybody else know these symptoms and has figured out an effective treatment?

I don't trust the doctor beacause his treatment hasn't had any effect until now and I never heard that testosterone injections can trigger processes in the body the guide to an erection if you haven't had a  lack of testosterone before.

In contrary the body reduces endogenous testosterone production when external testosterone applied how I have read!?

Does anybody know more about such treatments ?

I'm grateful for any useful comment.
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Hi Mark, I think a co*k ring may help you, google myhardwear they have a few you can look at, and you can see some vids of them working, but they do work and give some good boners, if that is what your looking for?
Do hope this helps.
Good Luck
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Hopefully since time has elapsed from your posting, you identified a solution.

If not it's truly critical that you find a Urologist you can be confident in. I'v learned this lesson the hard way. Many doctors and Urologist included have a visible phobia when it comes to our sexual function. Odd but hardly rare. The doctor will get into great detail about our prostate situation, yet never ask or talk to our sexual capabilities. A patient must bring that to the forefront. If the doctor is not comfortable with the subject...dump that doctor. Find a competent Urologist and start you discussion on the sexual aspect 1st, then the basic plumbing. If the conversation is fluid then you have a good doctor.

Testosterone test is basic as well as digital rectal, along with a candid discussion about your issue. If your nervous which is natural just write it down as a shopping list at home then hand it to the doctor. The best way to gain the best results from any doctor is to disclose your issues, concerns up front and openly...doctors are not mind readers. If for example you, smoke, drink or use 420/weed, drugs be up front...they need to know in order to RX correctly.  At times surgical procedures are needed to correct a problem, yet read up on the topics and it will help you find the solutions.
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So I hope to find you, my story is the exact same as yours. It has caused me a world of problems. On top of it I don’t think my penis ever developed fully. Looks normal but the base is weak with small testicles. Please tell me by now you have found something. Thank you for the time you put into this. It’s spot on for me as well. Even around the age.
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Since this page came up first on google, I'm gonna write, although the question is a few years back.
I suggest everyone who has those kinds of problems to educate themselves about porn induced erectile dysfunction. It's a thing, believe me. Start here:
This is true.  Porn has lost its purely stimulatory function, and is now mixed with a great deal of anti-male stuff, often quite subtle (e.g., every man  has 8 or 9" and 6" is called "small," etc).  It can have negative rather than positive stimulatory effects on men.  I presume it is supposed to be payoff for the obsession men have about women's breast size.  Breasts don't need to get erect though.  But, penises do.  And it is very easy to interrupt that process.  Porn should be avoided by all but the most endowed men.
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