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Food supplements for ED treatment

Hi all,

I'm looking for an advice, because I'm 28 years old and I suffer of ED.

I have an healthy life, I don't smoke, practice jogging 3 times per week, don't eat any kind of junk food and drink only occasionally (something like 3 / 4 times per month).

Before starting a medical treatment and having a full medical examination I would like to try a last way to treat my problem. By surfing the internet I read about a lot of herbs that could potentially help with ED troubles: maca, tribulus, ginseng and many others.

Does anyone have ever tried this kind of products ? Any advice ?

Many thanks for helping.

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Certain questions come to mind:  You don't mention the nature of your ED, whether it is showing up during masturbation or with a partner or in both cases.  If it is with a partner, does it occur with just certain sexual activities or with any activity?  Has it recently started or is it something that you've "always" had?  In any case, avoid all herbal supplements.  There have been too many problems with mislabeled supplements of unproven outcomes.    
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Aerosolized naltrexone (narcan), now available as a nasal spray without prescriptions will prolong an erection. It blocks endorphins and the signaling substances that cause release of blood in the penis. This was a favorite of knowing hospital staff years ago when it had to be injected, but it had a short half-life.
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L-Arginine, in 2-3 grams doses. Buy it in quantity at the health food stores. It comes in flavors also (alone it tastes awful).
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