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I cannot maintain an erection without physical contact

I have not been getting morning boners at all, I can only start an erection with physical contact, I get pain when an erection is forming at the base of the penis, I have a weakened control of the penis when trying to flex or move the penis. the pain goes away once the penis is fully erect.
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The usual two reasons that men get morning erections are not based on sexual activity or thoughts. They are based on these two things primarily, hormone shifts while you sleep or a full bladder.  Ya, not that sexy.  They are normal but it also isn't a huge red flag not to get them anymore either since you can get them upon physical stimulation.   Have you had a physical lately?  You don't really fall into the category of psychological issues related to the erections since you don't get morning erections and perhaps fall more into the physiological category (although since you say you can't get them from thinking yourself into erection and need physical touch, perhaps there is some anxiety there).  I'd get a physical and mention the lack of morning wood. Reasons for physiological issues could be that hormone issue I mentioned or also diabetes, prostate problems, sleep apnea, etc.  
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