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I cant "flex" my penis anymore

Hey, so I was menstruating a few weeks ago and when I ejaculated I think I "flexed" my penis a little too hard and now it's hard for me to flex it at all. I ignored it at first but I noticed that my erections were weak and I wasn't able to ejaculate like I used to so I decided to stop masturbating for a while but it's been a week and nothing has changed. I know this post makes little to no sense but I just don't know how to describe that motion you do when you ejaculate to get the seamen out, the closest thing to that feeling was the word "flexing". please help I don't know what's wrong.
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I meant masturbating obviously
That's a bad typo, right? how did this resolve for you?  I knew what you meant by flexing.  Sometimes it takes more than a week of no action to get things back on track.  
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I am currently having this problem rn and idk what to i am genuinely concerned i cant flex properly i cant even get an erection with trying really hard idk whats happend
That's too bad Apollo. Sudden changes always make you wonder.  Start your own thread with a few more details and I'll see if we can come up with any ideas. Do you know how to ask your own question?  Top of the forum, click ask a question and post.  Best way to get input.
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Hey man I’m not answering your question but I was looking up reasons why I couldent “flex” my penis and when I read what u said I have the same exact problem you are having. Did u fond a solution or what?
hey there.  Usually if you can't get that 'flexing your penis' sensation (penis isn't actually a muscle so it doesn't actually flex itself, it's the muscles surrounding your penis that give you the flex sensation) it is because of your pelvic floor muscles.  There are ways to work on those.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/mens-health/in-depth/kegel-exercises-for-men/art-20045074  This article talks about kegel exercises which is one way to do this.  It might help you to work on that.  
Yeah, I would say pelvic floor as well.  I wasn't "flexing" (like when your penis can sort of twitch without you touching it, right?) but I think when my pelvic floor was more relaxed it helped.  I also had an injury on my penis and had PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections into it (which seem to only help for a couple weeks following the injections) but after one of these PRP sessions I believe my flexing came back.  Masturbating for me really tenses up my pelvic area, so ideally stop masturbating (it's not harmless as pop culture tells us).  Ways to relax muscles (like magnesium) can help too.  Perhaps not doing intense ab exercises there for a little while... just try to have that area not tense, and as relaxed as possible I would think
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