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I don´t know what is the cause of my ED

I (24yo virgin) have had erectile dysfunction for about two years now. Approximately two years ago I have experienced an awful few days when simple touching my testicles would hurt. Any bad movement or posture would result in testicular pain. It stopped hurting after a while, so I didn´t tell anybody and simply said to myself I would walk it off. It might have been an infection (epididymitis, orchitis), but I am not sure.
If I recall correctly, since then I´ve had ED. Other explanations don´t make much sense - I am not obese (slighly chubby, not good not terrible), don´t smoke, very rarely drink alcohol (and not much of it anyway), haven´t had a surgery, don´t have diabetes... My stress "level" was pretty same, maybe even lower than before, I have better self esteem than before and VERY rarely get a morning erection and if I get one, it dissappears pretty quickly.
Usually I watch porn mainly to proove myself that I am able to get a full erection, that comes after a while and lot of work.
Any ideas of why would that be happening? I really don´t want to end up on pills :(
Please help.
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I think the standard answer applies here - best to see a Dr. You can start with your regular GP - he or she would want to do some blood work, possibly check Testosterone levels, do a prostate exam & look for any outward signs that smthg may not be functioning at 100%. The Dr will also want to check things like your blood pressure & cardiac issues, which can have a big effect on sexual functioning.

I think it IS possible your earlier issue (Epididymitis or whatever) could be affecting you negatively. I had it many yrs ago. & aside from the discomfort, it did seem to dampen my sexual responses somewhat. I’m not thinking the porn is much of an issue if you’re not looking at it excessively, and it sounds like the issue was present with or without it.

If your reg Dr can’t nail it down, ask for a referral to a good Urologist, preferably one who has a lot of experience dealing with ED issues...

Good luck & check back in & let us know what’s found & how you’re doing...
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It could have been testicular torsion that sorted itself out but cut off the blood flow long enough to give you ED symptoms.  See a Dr. soon.
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