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I ejaculate within 1 minute and about to get married

Due to excess masturbation for last 15 years by watching porn, the issue is that I ejaculate within 1 or 2 minutes and I am about to get married. Would capsules like viagara etc help in maintaining erection and no ejaculation so that I can have proper sex after marriage and dont get embarrassed?

What do the porn stars in movies use that they stay so erect and can do stuff for many minutes non stop?
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I think you identified the problem yourself - excessive porn viewing. You probably then have a desire to get off very quickly when masturbating, and now have kind of 'trained' yourself to respond that way. Try masturbating without using porn, just focus on the good physical sensations, and when you feel you are close to orgasm/ejaculation, stop & let yourself 'cool down' a bit, then resume. You will find over time that you can learn to hold off from ejaculating too soon. Then apply this same technique during intercourse - you have hopefully learned to assess when you're too close & to stop before that point, relax for a moment, then continue. After some practice, you should be able to keep intercourse going for a satisfactory period before ejaculating. Viagra & similar drugs can help you get ready for a 2nd round sooner than you otherwise would, but I don't think it would be all that helpful in delaying things. Try the technique I mentioned & the main thing is not to get in the habit of finishing quickly during masturbation, which many guys do.
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Is there any medicine to increase ejaculation time from 1 to 2 minutes to maybe 30 minutes?
There are over the counter meds that kind of ‘numb’ the penis that supposedly help you hold off a little longer, but they work mainly by reducing the sensation , not sure that’s a good trade-off. I think the start & stop technique above is a better bet - then you actually learn how to control things better without having to resort to drugs or devices...
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