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I'm a 41-year old male having trouble sustaining erections.

I'll try to keep this brief, but want to include some medical and overall life details. I'm 41, been divorced for just over five years, and met a lady a little over two months ago, and we've fallen in love quickly. I'm not used to falling fast, but I don't regret it. We decided we wanted to be intimate last night, but it didn't work too well. It's been about a year and a half since my last sexual experience. I've also struggled with porn, and am making a big effort to stay away from it, though it's not easy. I want my source of arousal to come from my partner. But there could be a medical root to this as well.

I've had issues with high triglycerides and was taking niacin with nicotinic acid and flaxseed oil for a long time. Back in February 2015, I had a heart scare that turned out to be left ventricular hypertrophy brought on by hypertension. My blood pressure was around 145/80, and no telling how long that had been going on. Doc put me on 12.5mg of lisinopril with a diuretic and a statin drug. This helped, but I was totally unable to get an erection. I wasn't sexual with anyone, but that didn't seem normal. Doc prescribed 20mg of Levitra and changed me to 20mg of lisinopril without the diuretic. I used the Levitra to make sure blood still flowed to my penis, but even without it, things seemed to be more normal. After about 2 months and some lifestyle changes that included exercise and cutting sugar, doc took me off the statin drug.

When I was married, my ex was really bad about withholding intimacy, and did that off and on for several years. I've been with a few women since my divorce and have been satisfied, but have deliberately kept that number small.

Last night, we'd had a fun but busy day. We decided to lie down, and one thing led to another... I took a Levitra and we had foreplay while the drug took effect. I achieved an erection, but couldn't sustain it. I was laying on my back and she gave me oral, and it still seemed to shrink. We got it back up and she climbed on top, and it would last for awhile, but it would shrink. I was never able to climax. Needless to say, it's frustrating.

I just wonder if this is a medical problem, or a psychological one. I really want things to work properly.

Thank you,
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Levitra is my least favourite ED treatment. You problem may be a mixture of performance anxiety and vascular disease. It is very fixable. We would need to exchange a series of email to sort you out. Like do you get spontaneous erections and so on. All ED is manageable today.
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Hello, and thank you for your reply. I will say that shortly after my divorce, I went through a period of Low T and doc prescribed a drug for that, and Cialis. The cialis just didn't seem to work very well. From my last round of labs, my T level is on the low side of average for someone my age. As far as spontaneous erections go, I still get them, though they don't always seem fully erect. Part of why I knew the lisinopril with diuretic was a problem was because that never happened.
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