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Is there an ED cure if loss of nerve(s)?

In cancer surgery almost 2 years ago to remove bladder and prostrate; a nerve(s) May have been damaged or removed in error when surgeons were checking lymph nodes adjacent to bladder for cancer.
My libido is intact and I can get and maintain an erection with a pump or injection.....BUT not hard enough for sexual penetration with abs fir my wife.
Is there a cure or procedure ( other than implant) that will tell and/or help damaged nerve(s) to heal or regenerate or bypass nerve process to get me “hard”?
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As someone who's had the surgery for prostate cancer, I'm familiar with these issues. It's common that nerves that control erections are damaged & most everyone who has this procedure ends up with a period of loss pf erections. Even if the nerves were able to be spared during the procedure, you most likely won't have any function for anywhere from a few months up to 2 yrs after, but may be able to regain some function over time, altho often it may require some help from ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), vacuum pumps or injections. The fact that injections do enable you to have erections means at least the blood flow is still there. There have been some new techniques which might help - one is so-called 'Ultrasonic Shockwave' therapy - it's supposed to help nerves & blood flow to the penis regenerate to some degree (mostly blood flow, I think). I also read about a technique where stem cells are extracted from your own fat cells (I think), and those are then injected into the penis, where they are able to differentiate into nerve tissue, etc. I'm not sure how readily available these treatments are, how expensive & if any insurance plans cover them. Insurance probably does NOT cover these at this time because I think they're still considered experimental. But at least there may still be SOME hope for guys who are struggling with this issue. You should be able to find some information on these techniques using Internet searches. Hope this helps & good luck to you...
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