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Is this ed

Yesterday I noticed that my penis is not getting erect as it used to be it's not getting enoughly hard
I have been mastrubating daily for quite some time and due to the lockdown I have been going at it like 3 to 4 times on certain days

I am just 25
Overweight and diabetic

I am doing some lifestyle changes
Including reduced smoking
Stated working out
Also on healthy diet

Is this ED , my mind just wanders at times when mastrubating and I keep loosing erections

Is this may be due the overmastrubation

What should I do

I think last week everything was fine and I had a good erection

I have tried today it's same like yesterday I am not able to attain maxium hardness and hard to maintain it

Pls help me
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I like to add that I have got 3 erections and a  morning wood yesterday but today I can't seem to get erect
What's happening  
Should I stop trying to mastrubate
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Hey, I think it is awesome you are making some lifestyle changes. That's not easy to do.  And that you are making sunshine out of this lockdown and making positive life changes.  That's great.  

You are masturbating a lot.  That might take a toll after awhile and yes, think that could be due to too much masturbation.  In general, masturbation is a fine activity with no repercussions. You are making some great life style changes but it also may be throwing off your hormones.  In younger men, one of the biggest reasons for ED is low testosterone.  

But you really aren't describing impotence.  More that you don't feel your erection is as firm as usual?  Are you getting bored masturbating?  Could this be mental?
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I don't know exactly but i don't get morning wood for couple of weeks I haven't keep a track of how much time am not getting morning erections and also I don't have libido like before
Like I just mastrubate beacuse am used to it and not because I really wanted it!  

I have diabetes and worried may it's start.affecting me
Just diagnosed 1yr back!
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