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Teenager health issues (Headaches, Erectile Dysfunction, Respiration)

I am 17 and lately I have started developing some kind of mental and physical issues that have been worrying me a lot. For the last 6 months I've been suffering from losses of concentration and low energy level in general, at the same time I have also started developing a loss in sexual desire and erections problems that weren't very crucial until this month. I haven't had a normal erection for 2 weeks and the ones that have happened were the ones that I got during attempts of masturbating during which my penis would only go erects for approximately 10 seconds before becoming soft. More symptoms have started appearing such as consistent headaches during the day and really strong neck pain during orgasms, problems with respiration and coughing a lot. I don't get any erections in the morning and I don't experience any sexual arousal at all. As I said before, the maximum time during which my penis can go at least 70% erect is for 10-15 seconds before going completely soft. I must say that I smoke though I don't usually pass the limit of 4 cigarettes per day. My personal live with my past partners and my general performance at school is pretty awful so it could be a part of the reason why this is happening to me.
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Is there anything else going on in your life that would cause enough stress to show up in lack of concentration or loss of energy?  Definitely try to give up all smoking for overall health whether or not it has a direct link to your listed problems.  If you haven't had a wellness visit with your doctor within the past year, make an appointment and mention your symptoms at that time.
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