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Weak Erection. Not Age or Heart related.

Hello there. I am sorry if this turns out to be a huge wall of text, but I've been gathering info for a while and I'm going to put it all here in hopes of getting some help. Also, English is not my first language, so there might be some odd constructions or word choice.

I am 24 years old and I have just started my sex life less than two years ago. A bit late, I know, but this happened due to a few factors which are not relevant to the discussion and have already been sorted out.

Thing is: yes, my erections are weak. My penis inflates with blood but does not become rigid enough for penetration, which as far as I know is the very definition of erectile dysfunction. My erections are not long-lasting either. As soon as stimulation ceases the erection starts to soften in a few seconds (between two and four seconds).

Medications for ED do help, but not enough. I've tried Cialis and Viagra, had an improvement in rigidity and ability to maintain erection but it was still not hard enough for penetration.

Thought the issue had psychological roots because that's what the internet tells you, as well as doctors who will dismiss your case to a psychologist. Thought I was anxious and worried about performance, went to therapy. In the end I realized there were times I wasn't anxious at all and still performed just the same way I did when I was anxious.

Last time, for example, I was very relaxed. I had just tried out Viagra and was going for non-penetrative sex with an understanding partner. Once again: performance was just the same as always, only a bit better because of the medication.

Another proof my issue is not caused by anxiety: when I have sex, my performance is not worse than when I masturbate or than my morning erections.

Went to the cardio, thinking it would be related to my assymptomatic mitral valve prolapse. Doctor said I didn't even have MVP (according to him, my valve is just 1,8mm bigger than it should be, while MVP requires at least 2mm). My heart is healthy:

- I'm not sedentary;
- 16% body fat;
- 11/7 is my average blood pressure (did an ABPM).
- I have pretty good numbers. E.g.: doctor said that, for my age and fitness level, my goal for LDL cholesterol levels should be to keep it under 130 mg/dL, but turns out my level is 64 mg/dL.

This issue is, as far as I know, not recent. I don't think my erections are any weaker than they were when I was on my teens. Only after I started my sex life, or tried to, did I realize there was something wrong.

So yeah, the cause of my ED is neither psychological nor heart-related. What else should I look into? Please help me, I'm at a loss.

Thanks for your attention.
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Sometimes this can be psychological even without our knowing it man.  A mental block and then we are anxious because we are having the problem . . . worried it will happen again. Do you take any medications?  
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Good questions, GuitarRox. Another question: Did you EVER have fully rigid erections suitable for intercourse, or have they always been sort of 'substandard' from the very beginning? That might be a clue as to what's going on here. If you've never had sufficient erections, there may be a physical problem (hopefully one that could be addressed via surgery or some other treatment). You could have inadequate blood flow, or the valve that shuts off to keep blood trapped in the penis could be working improperly., so blood is flowing in, but does not stay there (like trying to inflate a balloon with a leak) & therefore you don't get a full, rigid erection. These would be issues for a Urologist (specifically one who treats ED issues) to address. Good luck with this - I'm sure this a very frustrating issue for you...
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