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Weak Erection.

Hello and Good day to u sir
i am 25yrs of age, on a norm i have an erection of 7inches tho a bit curved to the left but other than that i was okay
i wasn't all that comfortable with the girth, i went online and saw Jelqing exercises to improve and enhance girth and length
which  i used my bathing soap as the lube every morning for a week and 2 days when i was bathing, i also did edging when i would get hard and just stopped before ejaculating and went on to bathe, with time within the 5 days of the week i was jelqing i would notice something like a hurting under the cap of my penis (like when soap goes into an open wound) if i was doing the jelqing, my thoughts were i might have injured myself n anyways i stop whenever i start feeling that
afterwards i could no longer get my erection up, i feel blood flowing into the penis when i get aroused but stops halfway without reaching the head and so i can't get fully hard and firm like before, and in less than no time i feel the blood stops flowing and the erection is gone. My erection doesn't come up like it used to before. And i don't have morning erections anymore.
pls i need help i am really worried

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Has this resolved? I'd personally just take a break if not. Don't try to get an erection or masturbate for a couple of weeks and reset/normalize.
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