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Weaker erections

Hi I am a 30 year old man. The last time I enjoyed really good sex was 3 years back. After that I was on a dry spell for about 10months or so (very actively masturbating). I got into a relationship with a woman and in the very first intimate moment we had a clothed grinding /dry humping session when erect. When it was time for the real deal I had an erection but I suffered Premature Ejaculation (PE). I was so embarrassed and blamed it on losing interest in sex because of the work call I got in between. I tried to have morning sex and felt the same PE. That was the beginning of my unsatisfied sex life. Post that situation I've tried having sex with her and haven't been able to get a firm erection always giving Whiskey **** as an excuse. Because of poor sex life and self assumptions about me probably not attracted to her led to calling things off. I tried to get on with three girls after that and I have failed to get firm erections. I've noticed that when turned on there is semen leakage instead of an erection. While watching porn it takes a long time to get an erection and the moment is nearing a really firm erection I would ejaculate within the next 10-15 seconds. The 3 women i got with were not really the ones I was greatly attracted to but the fact of getting intimate and sexual was always appealing and hence proceeded to get sexual. I'm not sure if that factor coupled with anxiety has been affecting the sex life. I'm also not sure if it has anything to do with bad masturbation techniques.  
How I used to Masturbate: I would lie on the floor and rubbing against the floor when aroused would get me hard and then ejaculate ( Never calibrated how long I was hard before ejaculating). During that dry spell I mentioned earlier I changed the way I masturbated to the conventional way of using hands. It was weird at first and I was learning how it's done and got a hang of it after couple of tries. (Never calibrated how long it would take an erect penis to ejaculate). The hand strokes have then on been my masturbation technique. I don't apply great pressure. Sometimes I just want to orgasm quickly and get back to work. I'm not sure if I'm just so addicted to orgasm or if I am subconsciously addicted to porn that could possibly be conditioning the penis in the wrong way. The ejaculated semen volume also is not as much as it used to be. Morning wood/ erections in sleep was inconsistent if I remember correctly.
I consulted a Urologist 2months back and explained my situation. He advised me to continue exercising and conducted hormones test. Testosterone levels were normal, Prolactin was also normal, Estradiol however was a bit higher than it's supposed to be for Men. (Ideally shouldn't be greater than 40 but my Estradiol level was 50. I'm not obese not athletic-dad bod types)
He advised me a Seratonin supplement tablet- Pari, Adova capsule probably for controlling estrogen production and PDE5 inhibitor tadalafil. This was the medication for a month. Through this course I was sensing good erections no semen leakage. Morning woods were frequent. I could hold the erections longer and felt like the younger times.  I enjoyed watching porn once a day to test the erection and ejaculation. The results were promising and and i could hold it longer, although the semen volume was still not so much. Towards the end of the course I've began to notice the erections are getting weaker. The corpus cavernosums are getting hard while the corpus spongiosum is not as hard as before . It's getting enlarged but not hard. From the time the bad sex life started I've noticed the penis size to not be as it used to be (around 6.2 inches) the weaker erection size right now could probably be 5.5. I'm not sure it's a psychological issue where I'm just not feeling too aroused or if it is something to do with health. Credible or a successful solution will be much appreciated
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I am experienced and knowledgable but I go against the conventional belief and value systems out there these days when it comes to this stuff.  For example the conventional belief out there is that masturbation can never cause any problems and they'll say everything is just "in your head".  I've been attacked repeatedly for sharing my knowledge here by normies.  So, if you're interested in the non-conventional approach, send me an inbox message.
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