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weak penis base

hi, i am 22 and all my life whenever ive had an erection the base of my penis and under were my pc muscles are stay soft, so my penis points to the ground when erect. whenever i have sex my erection gradually becomes softer and i get less feeling aswell, i think this is due to the blood from the firm part getting pushed back in to the soft part of the base due to it not being filled from the start. i got so annoyed at one point i turned to viagra, it worked i could feel my pc muscle and the base ingourge and become hard,it even pointed up a bit and sex felt great,and the erection felt like how it should have felt, but the very next time i used it nothing happened. ive been to a urologist and he is checking my hormone levels,is there enything that causes this to happen? the reason i am not asking the urologist is cause i told him when i seen him that it is the base and the muscle underneath (pc muscles) that are weak and he didnt seem to know what i ment.
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Well, lets talk about your history with masturbation and your penis. Let me ask you some questions...

1) When you were younger, did your penis use to be higher when erected?

2) Did you use to masturbate prone? Meaning masturbate some kind of way on your stomach vs. being on your back (the correct way)? In other words, describe how you use to masturbate all the time. Did you use to hump the bed or rub your penis against the mattress, etc?

3) Ever had a lot of pressure on your erect penis such as a woman sitting on your erection and pushing it down (not allowing it to point straight up)? This usually happen with getting lap dances at a strip club.

Please respond, we will get to the root of this...
i have similiar problem. I used to masterbate on mattress and then on stomach. Now my penis is not working. Viagra sometimes work and sometimes does not. Please help.
Please I used to masturbate on my stomach from my teen and now I have a bent penis and Erectile dysfunction. Please what will I do? I seriously needs help.
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i think it was a bit but not much, but very rearley i have had one when it has pointed up a bit but only a couple times in my life, because of this i know when im getting an erection its not rite, it just doesnt seem to get erect from the bass and back (pc muscles) my penis is also thiner at the base were it starts to get weak.
the only other answers i can give to the questions are,a wyle ago when i use to masterbate it didnt feel like my erection had any rigidness or resistance when i moved it at the base like an erection should have, it just felt loose, the only time i would feel any rigidness is when i pointed it further down, when this was done it improved my erection a bit, i dont do this now and the problem was here before i did this incase u think this is the cause, because i no this could cause damage.any thought on this
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Well, my erections also point downward on a 45 degree angle. If I'm laying down on the bed and my penis is erect, it will never point up, it always lean to the side. That irritates me a lot...

But I believe when I was younger, my penis wasn't like that. I believe I caused trauma to my penis at some point in my younger life, just can't pinpoint what it was. I think I got mines from humping the bed and applying pressure to the penis, not allowing it point straight out, instead pressing it down.

Anyway, not that masturbation has anything to do with this, I just decided to stop touching myself completely because I didn't want to add more psychological issues to the situation. But one thing I notice is my erections are a bit stronger from elminating masturbation and that makes me more confident with a woman.

If you keep worrying about the appearance of your erection, you won't be able to relax when it's time for real sex because you'll keep thinking something is going to go wrong with your penis.

If your penis can still get hard and penetrate vagina, I wouldn't worry about it. A woman only is concerned with the penis getting fully hard, not what angle it's going.

But I understand how you feel, you wish you had a normal penis,  a penis that points straight out when erected and has a strong base muscle.
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I have similarly weakened penis. It was worse when I was younger. Now I'm 28, and it has gotten a bit stronger. It still bends from the base, even when rest of the penis is rock hard, and the base is considerably narrower, but the erectile angle is closer to parallel nowdays. I'm pretty sure it was caused by wearing tight underpants during sleep, when I (and it) was growing up. I had a very small room, so I had to sleep with the door open to prevent suffocation. My door was on a corridor from my parents bedroom and the living room to everywhere else. My mum always woke up considerably earlier than I was forced to, so she would be strolling around in the corridor. I had noticed that I always had an erection in the morngis. I attributed this to the full bladder phenomenon alone, and did not realise that I usually have erections most of the time when sleeping(, so I didn't now how much retricted erections I was having during those teenage nights.) I did not want to be so exposed as to let her stare at my hard-on, it was unpleasent enough to sleep with the door open at that locale, so I weared tight underpants to conseal my nocturnal erections. Ofcourse, that was not healthy for the growing erectile tissues. :( Forcing the still moulding shaft down, it caused a folding at the base with impaired tumenescense and circulation. This is my hypothesis anyway. And I'm a firm advocate of it. Thinking back and connecting the dots, it seems damnright inevitable that such bending and folding every night (when most of the erections and growth takes place due to surges in testosterone and GH, and the erections them selves) will interfier adversely with the groth of the erectile tissues.There was even pain at the affected area in the mornigs.
I became aware of this a bit before the growth stopped, because I too started to feel anxiety over my weak base and sloping erections (after intercourse became a possibility, and subsent anxiety related failures ocurred), did some retrospective thinkin, realised my mistake, and started avoiding the nocturnal restriction at the age of 19. Very little could be remedied by this at that point anymore, however, because it only grew a bit in thickness after that. But trough 9 years of unrestricted nocturnal erections, the erections have gotten stronger. When maximally hard, even the base is firm, but this requires a steel hard boner, which only occurs during extreme arousal. And even then it feels insecure. There's a dread of injury to the unbending but frail base.
So the lesson of the story: **** happens. Even to your ****.
Just have to learn to be content, if there's no cure, with what you got.  I have a well working piece, just has a weak spot and an unimpressive erectal angle, so ideas of surgery do not appeal to me. Others might need it, but it souds scary, expensive and hard to justify to healthcare officials.

I think the biggest issues are the mental ones. The anxieties that the unreliable, and bending piece generates. These things tend to build up. Sex is a sensitive area, loeaded with insecurities, even without an actual mechanical weakness. There are the frustrations of realtionships or lack there of., impossible to put on too small condoms(only after aquiring a credit card a few years back, trough internet I gained acces to condoms that I can put on when hard) , suppressed promiscuosity, and subsequent constant frustration, falling in love without reciprocity, etc. All these serve to destroy the libido when prolonged. So avoiding them and aquiring positive, stimulating sexual experiences is not just in the moment hedonism. It's an investment to future mental health with more importance than the weak based **** has. It can however be difficult to be content with lame, restricted penetration. But I suspect that this can be overcome far more efficiently with mental training an resulting emotional ability to adapt than by pumping your **** (unless it actually helps, I don't know), etc.
My own libido has been mostly very low for years now. Erections are good though. but fewer and fewer nocturnal erections and no nocturnal ejaculations for many years now. Some short bouts of mediocre lust occur once a while, but mostly no drive at all. Partly due to current relationship frustrations, though, but mostly to all the accumulated ****. Never actually having had a really good time. Never really had orgasms. Got off to a bad start and newer caught up with it. Women have liked my performances a lot. I've just utterly lost interest in sex my self. As if somekind of wind of opportunity for mental sexual initiation has passed, and I'm perpetually left only performing, not enjoying. That's probably the reason why i'm still anxious about it, typing "weak base penis" in to google to see if others have come up with the nocturnal restriction theory. They hadn't, so I had to write and post this loooong story late at night.
All this despite the fact that I've had nothing but praise for my piece and my performances. I've even heard and felt a loud snap a few times when thrustin really hard while in the "unbendable hard"-mode, and slipping out and not getting a accurate enough re-entry. Some ligaments, I figure. But maybe, if the base hadn't been firm, the force would not have been transmitted further down the tissues, but the weak base narrowing would have been forced to bend, resulting in severe damage to the tissues. Brrrrr.... I dread this, and therefore newer dare  to thrust forcefully with suboptimal boner.
So... avoid the anxiety and sexual frustration. Cultivate awareness of your emotions. And maybe do excercises to strenghten the piece, if reliable sources testify that they actually help and are not damaging. This should prevent the problem  from escalating beyond the experienced mechanical limitations.
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Sorry about my previous, lenghty comment. It was actually intended to another post. And furthermore you were the consultant in this conversation, not the person who posted the inquiry. So a multiple ****-up on my part. Sorry,
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I have a weak pc and erections that point straight out at best when standing and straight up into the air when laying down - Shouldn't erections point up when standing and lay flat on the belly when on the back?  

I'm gonna get a referral to a urologist to find out if anything could be done.

Because I know about it and am not happy about it gives me a  psychological E.D.

It took me forever to find a posting from someone with a similar problem. lol

I'll be watching this page :)
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my erection angle is very low. say 30 degrees from pointing to ground
(this almost looks like even the erected penis pointing to ground)

1) When i was younger, my penis use to be higher when erected

2) i  used to masturbate on my stomach. this way i will masturbate all the time. i used to rub my penis against the mattress, etc

please, please respond with what should i do to get a normal erection angle?
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you can get a weak penis base if you masturbate alot.
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