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why has my erections been fine until I turned 30?

I had always had a great sex life, starting at 11-12. Well endowed and would erect on que and last an hour or more. Then I hit 30 and since then ,51now, I have lack of desire, low to no erections and has lost girth plus 3 inch in length. I've seen a doctor ,had prostate checked and with a camera. Viagra, Cialis Don't work, stimulation doesn't work the pill thing you put in penis doesn't work. I've been to therapy hoping something there but to no avail. I'm in good health , testosterone lvl is 1587, I've use  OTC herbs and arganine, citrulline,pine bark, ginko etc. Now the depression is bad and I don't bother to interact sexually or even flirt. Will there ever be any hope left
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you started the sex thing early! How's your mood?  You stressed or depressed? That can really impact things. I see you are talking about depression FROM this event but wonder if there was some there beforehand. I'd see a therapist.  It could help in all ways. And remember, women want connection. Many love sex but prefer a good man in their life. You may be overvaluing sex in terms of relationships. If you take it down a notch, this could take the pressure to be a sexual dynamo off of you.  You really don't have to be in order to please a woman or yourself sexually.
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Hi I've had depression ever since I was a kid,bad wiring I guess, therapy on and off meds so it's not that. I actually think this started after the woman who took my son away  got married then went "off the grid" so to speak..
Well, that's still emotional if that is the case.  I'd dig in with psychotherapy.  And meds used to treat depression are known to cause issues with erection and libido.
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