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Abdominal Muscle PAIN after Workout

Hello everyone !

I'm 18 years old. I really require urgent help, I am really desperate now... I felt sharp pain in lower abdominal muscle area 3 months ago after working out my lower back on Extensions on a Roman Chair.(known also as a Hyperextension) excercise. The pain SPREAD to my left abdominal area including testicles. I visited many doctors and professionals (sold my bike and spent alot money on them) desperately seeking their aid. They say my testicles are perfectly healthy and are 100 % sure its not hernia or any kind of infection. Most of them agree on irritated nerve or vein somwhere in abdominal area which is connected to testicle (pain is actually at irriated nerve area but it "PROJECTS" to left testicle). I FEEL PAIN in left testicle ONLY when lifting left leg (walking, putting my pants on etc.) The pain is really undescribable.

After a 2 month break, I felt renewed ! No pain at all while lifting leg/walking except this small feeling in left leg-abdomen connect area like something is "connected" and holding but still is still weak and about to break. I slowly started running and everything was ok. Next time I went sprinting, after a fast move with my legs.....again. Same pain, same sympthoms. I lost this competition season in bodybuidling.... and failed at job fisical exam becuase of pain.

I am living sports life since age 8, eating healthy, daily excersises, never drink alcohol, never smoked, never had sex, never went outside with friends, regular sleeping time. I am a robot and Its my life. The most embarassing and dissaponting thing is that I failed at special forces fisical exam.... while training for this my whole life... I am not a sitting type, I'm active in sports almoust 12 hours a day. Is it all over ?? I am willing to do everything to get this "cured"

I beg you, if anyone could help or suggest something, every answer is highly appreciated.
BIG Thanks,
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It sounds like you're failing to do proper stretches before and after working out, whether weight lifting, running or sprinting.  I encourage you to take at least 15-20 minutes to properly "warm up" your muscles through slow stretching (almost yoga-like stretches), paying special attention to the area of concern.  I have a similar issue with my quadriceps and hamstrings in my right leg (though I'm a woman) and am practicing yoga techniques before jogging.  I also find the brand "IcyHot" pads placed over the muscles to help.  Hope you find relief soon.  
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Thanks for answer, I did stretch properly before and after workout depending on which muscle group I am doing that day, so I think its not the problem, it was my last excercise, I was so tired, after I suddenly felt SHARP pain I stoped. Then I moved to stretching hoping it will help but as I streched abdominal and leg muscle groups I felt a sudden "crack" and even more pain in abdominal area. Then... I really stoped and went to ambulance.

2 Days ago while I tried to stretch abit in school on Physical education, everything ok with right leg, right abdominal area and testicles. But as soon as I moved my left leg high above and tried to stretch it, its like something "broke"....pain again. Now I'm having trobules walking 3 days now, but the pain goes away after 2 weeks or more.

Thanks again for your great answer and suggestions :)
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Anyone else knows what the problem might be and treatment length ?

Sorry for bothering but I could really use a suggestion or more information about my injury.

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