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Ahhhhh Crunches

How many crunches would be a good normal amount to lose weight.  Also my Diet is really good but what about other excercises?  I do crunches I have a five pound weighted ball that I lay on my back and I throw it up and catch it about 250-400 times twice daily I was doing too many crunches (up to 2000 daily) I do leg excersises and lifts and what not but very little is showing on the scale.
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I think it is more important to do the right kind of abdominal work than to do a lot.  Have you ever taken pilates.  I highly reccommend it for having long, lean muscles and a flat strong core.  A video is not the best way to learn it as you don't get any feedback as to if you are doing it right or not.  It is easy to "cheat" without knowing it.
If you are unable  to find a class or instructor keep in mind these tips; exhale when you rise up, don't let your ab muscles pooch out instead pull your belly button in towards your spine.  In the beginning you will feel like you are not doing very much and you won't be raising up as high as you have been, but you will be building flat abs instead of thick abs that make you look plumper.  Relax your neck, jaw and shoulders.  The last thing you want is to take more effort in your upper torso than your center, it can lead to tension headaches, it is bad for your posture and makes you look muscle bound, not to mention it doesn't do your abs any good.  
Leg exercises are great,  you could learn some great ones from pilates.
You should add some cardio in there.  If you're not used to cardio be kind to yourself and take it slowly in the beginning.  You want to start a routine that is pleasant enough that you'll keep it up for the long run.
Good luck and get back to us with any questions you have.
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I love the pitates leg workout for the calves (learned through a video  I know bad!!!) but I really think that it worked my calves as if I didn't do them regularly it killed my legs (in a wonderful love hate kinda way)  I will look into the classes.  I don't know if they have any around but I know I did the leg calf and the weight about the head (shaving) and I remember those I do them in my workout. Thanks so much

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