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Ankle Sprain

Alright, I know this will sound stupid (and I know what I am doing is) but I want to get someone else's opinon. On September 5th, I sprained my ankle (class two if that means anything to anyone). I haven't seen a doctor in an office but talked to one who glanced at it. She thinks I should be fine if I ice it, elevate it, and stay off it for a bit. That's all fine and dandy except for staying off it. It's cross country season and well, I love to run.

The question is, are there any exercises that I can do to help strengthen that ankle so that I don't twist it again while running on the trails and any other suggestions.
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No.  You need to give the ankle opportunity to heal.  If you don't, you can re-injure it or make it worse and have problems for the rest of your life.  So decide how badly you need to run this season.  Do you want one last season at the risk of never running again?  Or do you want to heal well and run the rest of your life if you choose to? Learn to respect your body.  Let it heal.  Two things can speed up the healing process, homeopathy and energy work. If you find the right people and don't wait too long (the sooner you start treatment, the faster you will recover), you can be running again in no time. You would still be able to run this season, if you do the right things.
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google it
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As it is already more than a week since September 5 if you still continue to have pain in your ankle go for some scans.

X-ray ankle to diagnose any bone injuries and MRI to diagnose any soft tissue injuries.

Take intermittent pain killers, continue applying ice packs and do not exert the injured ankle.
Do not go for any running or physical activity till properly diagnosed.

Take care!
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