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Bicep Exercises After Distal Tendon Repair

I am a fairly active, right handed,  53 year old male. Back in February 2009, I had my right bicep tendon reattached to my elbow. I followed all of the PT protocols and was allowed to return to all normal activities within the typical time frame.

While I was aggressive with my exercises during the PT phase, I have not done much to strengthen the bicep since then. I find that my right bicep, while getting firmer as time goes on, is still no where as near as firm as my left. I also find that my right bicep gets tired/sore after raking leafs, shoveling snow and prolonged lifting (not weight lifting, but boxes, ladders, etc.)

While I feel that I can still lift as much weight with my right arm as I always have, it just seems generally "weaker".

I assume that there are some simple exercises that I can do to strengthen the bicep, but I'm not sure what they are. i.e. How much should I be curling? How many reps? Every day or something different every other day? Those types of questions.

I still have the rubber tubes that I used during PT. Are there exercises that I can use them for?

Any (specific) advice would be appreciated.

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You have to remember that after a tendon repair the muscle will not have the same strength and weight bearing.

This is a slow procedure of physiotherapy over a period of time to increase the strength in your biceps.

Continue the PT exercises, and do not exert much  pressure on right biceps and do not use heavy lifting of weights and continue progressive physiotherapy and you will improve.

Take care!
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