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Body odour issue/smell like garbage everytime I sweat

Just started a new demanding stressful job, that requires constant vigilance, communication and not a single day off allowed (aside from public holidays). The issue is the company is struggling and they brought me in thinking I'm a engineering genius, turns out I need a little longer than 2 months to fully understand all the concepts given to me. Bosses and management on my back all the time, constantly stressing me. I started to emanate an strong body odour recently, I suspect it might be due to the sudden drop in weight/change in metabolism/new environment. When I'm stressed, I never smell this bad in the past... don't know why it's starting to trigger now - especially of great importance now as I'm gaining a bad rep in the industry. People don't want to hire smelly people :(

Could this be TMAU? I've done some research on my own and honestly it bests describes my symptoms. I smell an almost garbage-like scent on me and notice other people sniffing, coughing, glaring and making snide comments in the backrooms. I know I'm not psychotic/hallucinating because I've directly asked others if I smell. (People who don't mind being open with me).

I also have frequent diet issues and bloating/cramping in the stomach. I know this is symptomatic of anxiety and stress but I've struggled with this for a long time. My dad also has IBS. Could my condition be related to IBS in anyway?
I've tried all prescription antiperspirants, deodorants... you name it nothing. I would try a diet change but I don't know where to start. I only eat bits and pieces throughout the working day and pig out a bit at night. I don't think this particularly bad for? Intermittent fasting in a way I guess. Antibiotics work kind of (only tried amoxycillin, Flagyl will be next)... weed helps with the sweating but I don't smoke at work for sure. Tried copper chlorophyllin (Nullo) and activated charcoal to no avail., there might be minor lessening of symptoms but still strong whenever I stress sweat. I've never ever smelt this bad before, even after a night of raving with loads of stimulants in my body

Please get back to me ASAP as I've lost all self-confidence, motivation and just about to quit my job for good...
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