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Cycling/upset stomach

I'm into cycling, I ride about 240 to 300 miles a week. I'm trying to take my cycling to the next level. I have been riding with a group that pushes me harder than ever. The question is, I start to feel like I'm going to throw up when everyone starts to really hammer on the speed. Is this due to not being use to it? well my body over come this?

Thank you for the imput
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sorry forgot to add this, could this be due to latic threshold?
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You need to calculate your calorie burns in exercises like these. Your BMI and BMR would be different from others. Calculate these with the dietician and come to proper requirements.
Sit with a dietician and increase the food before you go for these challenges. Need more of glucose as in drinks etc.
Take care!
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I have made an appointment with my Doctor, as far as sport drinks, I do drink alot of Cytomax which is like a Gatoraide. How could I increase Glucose into my diet?

Also, I'm burning an avg of 4000 calories per ride and my BMR is 2072.

You dont think it could be caused by my Alatic Acid?

Thank you
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Dear s8ntsfootball,

Hi again..

Let me explain you. There is glucose stored in liver and muscles and blood transfers the glucose. When you do strenuous exercise all the glucose in muscles is depleted and due to the craving Liver starts metabolism of converting your stores into Glucose for energy.
If your muscles are deprived for long you get this lactic acidosis or muscle cramps.

So for getting continuous energy you have to tone your body.
1st week 5kms, 2nd week 10kms and like that depending on your capacity, BMI, BMR you increase the exertion and make your body acclimatized. With that you would need more of energy.

When you are burning average of 4000 calories and with normal body weight (BMI you did not mention) and BMR of 2072 you have to replenish yourself properly.

Glucose comes as Glucose directly, you can mix in water and consume while cycling, also take natural fruit juices which contain fructose, glucose. Lemonade etc can also be consumed. All other forms of carbohydrates should be consumed as in potatoes, wheat’s, other cereals, rice, breads, biscuits which would replenish your lost energy, followed by proteins and some fats to replenish your 4000 calorie loss.

Human body can go to extreme conditions and still continue functioning but for that you have to tone yourself, take care of your body and replenish resources whenever necessary.

Take care and keep us posted about your cycling episodes.

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