I want to get back into exercising but I feel like I have no energy between work and school. Any suggestions on how to get the energy back to being able to exercise everyday.
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You probably have a reason or two for not exercising and guilt because you know you should. The fact is, everyone needs at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week for optimum health. Even splitting the time into three 10-minute chunks of moderate-intensity activity a day provides benefits.

Between work and school and homework, exercise is hard to fit in  but not impossible. Take the stairs when you can, walk on your lunch hour or park in the space farthest from the store. Better yet, walk to the store.
A full day of work, school, can wipe you out. Exercise at a time of day when you have more energy. Set your alarm for 15 or 20 minutes sooner and put in an exercise DVD before your shower. Walk at lunchtime, or stop by the gym before you get home.
Make a commitment to exercise for a month straight, no excuses. After three to four weeks, the habit should be forming, and you won’t have to struggle with it every day. Remember the reasons you want to exercise.
If you think you have no reason to exercise, then you won’t be motivated. Teach yourself on why lifelong exercise is important to your health and well being, even if you are already slim and in good health.

If you never had an exercise routine before,then start small. Take the stairs or walk around the block. Do some jumping jacks while a commercial is on the TV. Work your way up to 10 minutes of exercise at a time and build from there.
How is your diet? is it lacking in nutrition, you might not have enough energy to exercise. No fast food and no sweets. Eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy protein will give you more energy.
Exercise changes your body more than you realize. It reduces blood pressure, increases endurance and strength, and protects against some chronic diseases. Even without visible results, you are doing your body good. Just get the OK from your doctor first!

The key to motivating yourself to exercise in the morning or later is to focus on making physical activity more attractive. How about finding a partner to exercise with.
Prepare your workout items before going to bed the night before your early morning exercise regimen. Get your water bottle ready and fill your gym bag with any specialized equipment you may need. Lay your exercise clothing out on top of your dresser so you can get dressed quickly and easily when you awaken. Or for later in the day.
Remind yourself how good you will feel after exercising!
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Ironically, being sedentry and lazy actually makes you feel lethargic while working out gives you more energy, so sometimes all you have to do is force yourself to work out when you feel tired and it will wake you up, give you a great boost of feel good endorphins and you'll feel energized. When working out doesn't make you feel more energized, take it as a cue from your body that something is up (your body might be fighting a cold or infection) and get some rest instead.

Make sure to eat well and eat healthy carbohydrates because that will give you energy. Chances are you aren't eating enough or properly during the day if you are always somewhere other than home, so start packing better lunches.

Look into natural things that give you more energy and rebalances the adrenal glands like Tulsi Tea, start taking power naps, bring an accupressure mat to the office or school to give you an energy boost, get outside into the fresh air, take a cold shower, etc.

After work and school you probably really need something fun and relaxing to do because your mind is exhausted, so instead of doing a gruelling workout that you hate doing, find something active that is also fun for you.
There are plenty of physical activities that are also fun and/or relaxing, depending on the person.

After a long boring day of using my mind, I really love how it feels to lift heavy weights, go swimming and then relax in a steam room. For me, that's better than going to a spa.

If I just want to have fun and escape while getting fit, I might play badminton, go longboarding or stand up paddle boarding or just dance.

If I really just want to relax, I do yoga.

It's up to you really, there are a whole lot of ideas you can choose from. Choose something that doesn't feel like it's going to be "a lot of work". If you hate the idea of going to the gym and using machines, find another type of activity that actually seems like fun and not like work.

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