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Groin pain-unable to lift leg

I am an avid hiker, biker kayaker etc.  For four months I've been unable to lift my leg without pain. Example, getting into a car. I have to lift my right leg.  To cross my legs when sitting I have to lift my leg.  It is undiagnosed but my GP sent me to Physical Therapy.  They have no idea, but have me doing pilates style exercises.  Nothing is changing. I'm worried, frustrated and miss my life the way it was. Any ideas what this might be, what type of Dr. I should see?  Help
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when you went to physical therapy, did they have a physiatrist?he's a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation medicine and he should make a good assessment of your case..some physiatrists are the heads of PT centers...good luck..
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you need to see another dr maybe get a cat scan or mri

good luck
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I have a similar problem which was diagnosed as a Groin Pull or Pulled Groin. I am a 56 year old runner. After 3 months I think I am finally getting better. Is lifting your leg while lying down painful? Are situps painful? Do you have any pain in your testicles? Do you have pain in the area just above your genitals which presents when you lift your leg when lying down? If so then you probably have a groin pull. After seeing my primary care physician who sent me to a surgeon to check for a hernia I was advised rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication (Advil, Mobic). The surgeon warned me that it would take a long time. It has.
There has been much discussion elsewhere about a condition called a Sports Hernia or Gilmore's Groin. You may also want to read about Athletic Pubalgia . letsrun.com has a long thread on Sports Hernia.
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I relate to jlwanderer; I
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jlwanderer, I have the same exact symptoms as you do.  Does the pain radiate down to your front thigh?  I also feel a slight pain in my groin and the lower part of my thigh (simultaniously) when I lie suppine for over 20-25 minutes and keep my left leg fully extended (example, while I was taking a CT scan).  If I flex my hip when I have this problem the pain goes away immediately.  My CT result was calcification at (or close to) iliac muscle.  I have gone undiagnosed for 5 months.
Have you seen any other doctor?
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Have had to stop running for a few weeks as I am having hip problems. Done no excercise but woke up with hip pain. Very sore on impact and needs a helping hand to lift (e.g. getting into a car) Any ideas. Getting a bit downhearted
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