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Gym Etiquette

What is the proper etiquette for using gym equipment, specifically, a treadmill.  When there are people waiting to use the machine, is it okay for someone to dawdle on it?

I have a frequent problem with a person at the gym who uses the same machine I do at roughly the same time (there are 2 of the same machines but one of them works better).  She will use the machine for 15 minutes, then get off, leaving the machine running with all of her stuff on it, then go to the bathroom or get some water and walk around for a couple minutes.  This goes on for over an hour (every 15 minutes she gets off the machine and wanders around) and it really annoys me because I end up having to use the other machine that doesn't work so well and people are waiting for us to finish so they can use the machines.

It seems to me that this behavior is discourteous and disrespectful to the people who are waiting to use the machines.

Am I over reacting?

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Speak to her kindly and say exactly what you said here. "I often wait for that machine as I feel it works better, so can we maybe take 30 min time slot trades" If you mention "you wander around getting water and things" she might not react in a possitive way. Be polite, just tell her you wish to share the machine.

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