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Health goals group week 2, how are you?

I guess the good thing about not feeling great is if you lose your appetite.  I had jello for dinner last night.  While not good for me, I actually feel better today like I have cleansed.  

What about cleansing?  Has anyone done that?
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I'm back to my exercise. I took a 3 day rest period when it should only be 1 day LOL but sometimes life happens. I made a really good vegetable stew for work lunches this week, so I'm feeling good about my eating.

I've never tried doing a cleanse, and I'm a bit uncertain about them. I've read mixed things about doing cleanses.
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Well i am continuing to try to eat healthier based on my intolerance. Last night i was proud of myself i turned down ice cream. My husband couldnt finish it.

I still havent gotten back to excerise but i made my desk into a stand up desk using boxes. I am so fidigty that i notice i walk in place or lift mynlegs often rather then standing in place. Does that count lol.

I am not sure about the cleanse either. Mixed reviews out there, and something you really have to be set on. I would love to know if there is a good one out there.

Anyhow currently no weight loss but no gain better then nothing.
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Depends on what you mean by a cleanse.  There are different ways to cleanse.  There are different conclusions about whether there even is such a thing.  Most physicians don't believe there is such a thing as a cleanse, as they don't know exactly what toxins those who advocate cleansing are talking about.  The body doesn't hang onto things that long, according to mainstream allopathic medicine, so the body is regularly cleansing anyway through sweat, enzymes breaking things down, and normal evacuation.  In alternative medicine, and remember, that's the older form of medicine and it's been around a lot longer than allopathic medicine, which is a baby and in its infancy was more likely to torture and kill you than help you -- at least one of our Presidents was killed by it and George Washington was tortured as he was dying from it.  So in "alternative" medicine the body does hold onto toxins and cleaning it out every so often gets rid of what's gotten stuck.  So they argue the colon does have debris that isn't getting evacuated well and so one way of cleansing is to clean that out.  An organ that definitely does hold onto toxins is the liver, that's part of its job, and when it gets too full of toxins you get cirrhosis.  Which we all know about yet docs will still tell you there are no toxins hanging around to cleanse.  Hmmm.  But liver cleansing requires an entirely different mechanism and different plants to cleanse than does the colon.  And so on.  If you cleanse too often you will flush out things you need, so that's a bad idea.  The oldest known and gentlest way to cleanse is to fast, but true fasting isn't what people on this website talk about, this so-called intermittent fasting which isn't fasting at all, it's just eating your meals closer together in time unless you skip one.  Fasting historically is something that lasts a while, giving the body time to cleanse.  For religious reasons I fast one day a year for about 30 hours, but I doubt that's enough for any cleansing to occur.  A week is probably more appropriate, or at least a week, and you have to work up to that.  But you don't have to take anything to do it, you just have to stop eating and only drink pure water.  Do it too often, though, and you will probably shorten your life.  Liver cleansing is done by taking certain herbs, such as milk thistle which most of us have heard of, but there are others used, and colon cleansing uses fibers or enimas.  Fasting should cleanse everything, to an extent.  Heavy cardio that works up a true sweat and gets the heart beating fast for a period of time also is a cleanse, as it moves things through more quickly.  We've all done that, probably.  But I wouldn't cleanse for weight loss.  It's not really for that, because when you resume eating if you do what you did before your body will return to what it was before.  Nothing will have changed.  You can even cleanse your sinuses with a netti pot.  Peace, all.
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