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How should i decrease my Weight?

How can I control my weight?
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Give more detail -- what's your daily diet like?  How much exercise do you get?  What's your health like?  What's your age?  But basically, it's still, eat better, exercise more.
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There is a general formula but it's hard to say without any idea of your personal situation.  Basically decrease calorie intake (in a responsible and reasonable way) and increase your exercise (burning of calories).  This often leads to weight loss.  :>)
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Actually, calories are not the major factor in weight loss -- how quickly a food metabolizes into sugar when you consume it is.  I've said this too many times, but nobody's gotten fat eating salmon, very high in calories, and a lot of people have gotten fat eating lower calorie white bread.  Calories are important, but other things are more important.
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Calorie counters work very well, along with those you can track your exercise also.  You can get them on your phone!
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Hi. Start with little steps.
Start your day with a glass of (warm) lemon water on an empty stomach. Then dont skip breakfast, it is important. Try to walk more during the day and reduce sugar consumption. It is not much for a start but it already helps.
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Actually this is a pretty easy answer. You don't say if you are male or female. A female want to stick with a 1200 calorie a day diet and a male to a 1500 calorie a day diet. There is an app for smart phones called my fitness pal that helps immensely with tracking calories. A little exercise helps as well and this app Will also track that for you. Eat balanced healthy meals. Cut processed foods out and sugars. White carbs are inherently bad for you they breakdown to pure sugar that's why when you eat a white potato or a sandwich on white bread your blood sugar will spike about 45 minutes later. If you switch to wheat or grain breads and sweet potatoes and other colored carbs the body processes them differently.

Eat your main carb around lunchtime. It will kick your body into overdrive on calorie burning for the afternoon. If you eat it in the evening you will just take it to bed with you. No advantage there.

Hope this helps.
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I agree.  But boy, it is really hard to stick to 1200 calories a day!  LOL  When I add in my food intake, I find that number hard to stick to but always make the effort.  Helps to have them all be calories that are meaningful/nutritious and healthy.  Some foods have more calories but are really good for us like avocados and nuts.  So, I go over the calorie count when eating some of those (also watching the quantity.  Anyway, welcome to the forum!
This isn't necessarily accurate, no.  First, it depends on the energy output of the person involved -- someone who exercises heavily or who has a job that requires physical exertion will need more calories than someone who sits around all day.  And once again, folks, calories aren't the key.  Go talk to a nutritionist.  It is one part of the equation, but the most important part is how much you move in your day to day life and how you metabolize what you eat.  What you eat is more important than calories.  Calories are not irrelevant, but it's why diets don't work -- and you just cannot generalize on the number of calories a person needs, as individuals metabolize this stuff differently and have different nutritional needs.  As we know absolutely nothing about the person who made the post, we can give no advice that will fit the person individually.  Generalizations are starting points for statistical conversation, but then you move to experience of the individual sitting before you.  
Try one of the calorie counting apps. They really help.
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There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast.

However, most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied.

If you don't have iron willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans quickly.

The plan outlined here will:

1) Reduce your appetite significantly.
2) Make you lose weight quickly, without hunger.
3) Improve your metabolic health at the same time.

Here is a simple step plan to lose weight fast:-

1) Choose a low-carb diet
2) Eat real food
3) Eat only when hungry
4) Measure your progress wisely
5) Be persistent
6) Avoid fruit
7) Avoid beer
8) Avoid artificial sweeteners
9) Review any medications
10) Stress less, sleep more
11) Eat less of dairy products and nuts
12) Supplement vitamins and minerals
13) Use intermittent fasting
14) Exercise wisely
15) Achieve optimal ketosis
16) Get your hormones checked
17) Consider weight-loss pills (if desperate)
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Losing weight fast usually means putting weight back on.  There's really no reason to do it.  Weight loss pills are basically speed and other things that are harmful and stop working if you stop taking them and can have withdrawal effects, so why bother?  Dairy, which I'm no fan of for other reasons, has been associated with weight loss.  I don't think too much is good for you, but it does score well for losing weight.  Low carb diets are a fad with no research showing long-term gains and do show long-term health problems are possible, so again, why bother?  All veggies are carbs and they are the mainstay of a healthy diet.  I think you mean simple carbs that turn quickly into sugar when consumed, but most low-carb diets eventually will become a balanced diet over time so why not just do that anyway and let the body slowly adjust its metabolism to eating better?  I know, it's hard for people to lose weight, it's hard to change one's life, but long-term research still and forever shows that a balanced diet of legumes, moderate intake of animal protein mostly in the form of fish, veggies, some fruit, and whole grains is found in the people around the world with the least obesity and the best long-term health.  As long as the long-term studies keep finding this, it's still the best recommendation.  
Thanks for this informative information and feedback.

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