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I have upper thigh/hip pain that I can't seem to get rid of?

I have had multiple knee surgeries over the last few years. My most recent one was a scope on my left knee to clean out some cartilage. I have been playing basketball to get back in shape and have been playing 1-2 times a week for the last couple months. A few weeks ago I instantly was a little late and didn't get time to warm up and stretch. As I went down the floor a few times, I began to notice pain in the direct middle of my thigh. I figured I just needed to stretch out my quad and everything would be fine and continued playing. We typically play for 2 hours. As the night went on my thigh pain started travelling up my thigh and radiating into my lower back and upper thigh/hip/groin area. The next week I stretched quite a bit and in between games as well, but my hip continued to pain me. The more I stretch the more the pain goes away and has been minimal throughout the week. The initial pain I had in the middle of the thigh is gone and so is the back pain.  However this last week as soon as I finished the first game, my upper thigh/hip area starting hurting worse than the week before and I wasn't able to continue playing for the night. Should I take a week off to get rested and focus on stretching more?
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I was late so I instantly had to play and didn't get time to warm up or stretch *
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My knee issues were on the left leg and this pain is only on the right leg/hip area
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