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I was lifting weights and i heard a pop in my head!

I'm 41 around 185 pounds and a few weeks ago i was lifting weights (a few weeks in or so) and while i was i heard a pop in my head and i immediately stopped and i started getting a headache. I continued to have minor pressure for a week or so but then slowly went away. It's been a few weeks or so now and i was wondering what happened? And will it be safe for me now to continue to lift weights and exercise again now?
Because i'm already started jogging but i want to light weights as well.
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Well, we have muscles that attach all the way up to our skull and onto our head.  Perhaps you were straining during lifting and one of those muscles popped or stretched, etc. and this created a headache which was actually an ache due to the muscles in that area or where they attach?  I was in a car accident and there is a spot that is up and behind my ear.  It's where things attach and it can ache and ache which feels like a headache.  Anyway, if you are not feeling anything anymore, you can either see your doctor to be sure or just resume slowly as you are.  Let us know how it goes!
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This has happened to me often over many years.  Don't think it's anything.  It was probably from the neck.  Just be sure when you lift you do it with proper posture and breathing and aren't lifting more than you can handle so you aren't over-stressing.
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When I say the neck, I mean where the neck and head meet.  I'm guessing it was kind of to the side of the forehead, that's where it's happened to me.
that was the spot I was trying to describe!

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