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IS this tendinitis or something else please answer?

yesterday when i was lifting I felt my inner wrist snap(on the palm side but not the palm...the part wt the veins)
anyway when i clamp my fist i feel pain and when i pull my ring finger back i feel pain. also hurts to lift something.

also will motrin do any good?
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nice to see everyone elses questons getting answered and not mine!
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Hi there!

It would be difficult to say what this could be without a clinical evaluation. If movements are retained (though painful), it may not be anything serious and could occur due to minor issues such as ligament injuries, inflammation etc. You could try resting the hand and avoiding extreme movements. A crepe bandage may be helpful for the purpose. Ice-packs/ motrin may also be helpful for pain relief. If these measures do not seem to help or you have movement/ strength issues, I would suggest seeing a primary care physician or an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thanks for the reply. I can still move it and most of the time it's not painful but if my fingers are bent the wrong way ill feel a little pain. Right now it isnt interfering too much with my life i just want to make sure it heals so i can hit the weights again!
I took 600mg of mortrin(for the anti inflammatory effect to speed up healing not bc it's been painful)
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Its the inflammation that helps healing not the anti-inflammatory effect. If there is little or not pain, I would suggest avoiding motrin. You could use tylenol instead.
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