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I'm 26 old male. Can i increase the weight and height?

I'm 26 old male. My height and weight are 164cm and 54kg. I need to incease my weight and height about 60kg and 170cm as soon as possible. How can I do? Is available medicines for that?
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Increase your height?
Yes, I need to increase. Can  I do it?
No.  You're 26, you are who you are.  Accepting yourself will make you happier than trying for the impossible.  Increasing weight is easy -- eat more of the healthy foods you already eat, such as adding a meal.  If you want more muscle, you can do resistance training. but if you just want more weight, just eat more and don't burn any more off and you'll gain weight.   But if I may ask, why do you "need" to increase your height?  Surely somewhere deep inside you know this won't happen, so what happened to make you think you "need" to do this?  This will lead to more improvement in your life than anything else, I think.
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Hello.  Welcome.  Weight is easy, height, not so much.  You've mostly grown your full height by 26 years old.  I think there are some well known actors that have insoles in their shoes that increase their height but most likely you at your full height now.  Once you've gone through puberty, it's kind of done.  There is human growth hormone but that is given to those lacking it in the early teen years (I have two nieces who received this).   My nieces were deficient in this and took shots daily for a good while but for them, it was a full health issue and not to just gain height.  Are your parents of short stature?  Genetics are the biggest predictor of our height.  I have two kids and one is quite tall. Always has been in the 90th percentile for height.  One is short and always has been.  He's always been in the 30th percentile for height.  It was like this when they were one year old and continues until today.  It was set up from the beginning in the genetic make up.  So, sometimes coming to terms with this is important.  I know it is not easy for a man to be dissatisfied with their height.  I'm sorry about that.  Staying really fit helps the men I know like this feel better about it.  

Weight lift, work out, add extra protein and carbs to your diet.  Gain weight the healthy way and not by eating junk.  

Let us know how  else we can help you.
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I've heard of leg-lengthening surgery but have no personal experience with it
...  you may find further information on it on the internet if you care to google it.
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