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Is it too late to correct this chest breakage?

A number of years ago (10-12) I fell whilst running and seemingly broke a part of my rib cage.  A&E were no help whatsoever and I think I was got rid of without a proper examination.  Since the injury I have never run as well as if I have lost some lung capacity.  Should I lean forward whilst sitting upright I can feel discomfort with regard to my stomach muscles, though the discomfort is a lot less that it used to be (previously it was a sharp pain as the bone pressed down).  Also it appears over the years my body has twisted to compensate.  Should something be done about it or is it case of living with the injury as I have done so for so long?  See attached pictures ...


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Well, I haven't looked at your pictures, they won't really tell us anything.  Don't know what you mean by A&E.  When you have a rib problem, that's a bone problem.  You say you can feel muscle pain when you lean over, but muscle pain is just there, it's sore, you don't have to bend over to feel it.  If you believe you have some deformity in your bone structure an X-ray will show that.  If it's a problem with soft tissue, an MRI shows that, but bone shows well on a simple x-ray.  Most times when we feel rib pain it's not actually broken, it's just strained and out of place, and a chiropractor or osteopath can usually line it back up again.  But if it's broken, that's a different story, and if it never healed, that's a different story still.  What you need to do is see an orthopedic surgeon who will feel around and give you an X-ray and go from there.  An osteopath might do this as well.
I'm sure the pictures would tell you a lot - the first chest one especially.  A&E = Accident & Emergency.  The muscle pain is where the bone sticks into my flesh.  It seems I was fobbed off when an x-ray was supposedly taken - I don't think it was.  I should really get it looked at as you say.  Thanks.
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