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Loose stretchy stomach skin, no weight loss

Hi There

Im 8 stone and have always had stretchy stomach skin however I'm now 26 and my stomach skin is starting to become very loose, when I am sat down I have rolls upin rolls on excess skin. I haven't had a child, I have no body fat and rarley exercise.

Is it my age? Is it because I don't exercise? Help!

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You say you have no body fat, but that's what those rolls of loose skin are.  When we eat, the body converts the food to glucose, which is sugar in a form ready to use as fuel.  Some foods convert very quickly to sugar, such as, well, eating sugar, and also eating simple carbs such as white flour.  If you don't burn that off relatively quickly it will store as fat.  The place most people store fat in first is the belly -- thus the term beer belly, from the high amount of sugar in beer.  The only way you're going to decrease fat is to alter your diet to one that is more balanced between whole grains, lots of veggies, some sweet fruits and more of the fruits that aren't high in sugar, such as nuts and seeds, a moderate amount of red meat, with most of the protein coming from legumes and fish and if you like it, very lean animal foods such as venison or buffalo or emu.  Basically, a balanced diet.  Add to that regular exercise to burn off more of what you eat and you should see gradual bur permanent results.  People are animals, and animals have to move if they are able, all animals are built for movement.  As we age, it gets harder to do that, as what we've done in our lives start to add up -- we all have expiration dates and so do our bodies -- but you do what you can.  If you don't exercise at all, any exercise will be noticed more than someone who already exercises a lot and adds a bit more.  If you want to focus on toning the belly, you do exercises that address that, such as doing abs, but any exercise will take fat off whereever it is.
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Oh, and fish and seafood is the best place to get your animal protein if you want it from animal sources, especially, and this seems to be very confusing to people who keep focusing on calories rather than on how the body uses food, fatty fish.  
Thank you so much for this so helpful. I'm going to lay off the office biscults and try to exercise more!

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