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Is anyone else using p90x?
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Yes!  And it hurts like hell, but it works if you stay with it and stay with the diet!!
You'll be in the best shape of your life.  Just stick to it.  Even on the days you would rather do something else.  It's under an hour and cheaper than the gym.
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My has been doing it for about 4 yrs now. Shes a 125 lbs soaking wet muscle.  Every time she goes through it, which is pretty much back to back, she is sore but its because she is able too and does more.  The program really works.  Anyone in the military with a good PT program can attest to this cause it the proper way its to do be done anyway.  Every unit I was in, maybe I was lucky, we had a group that focused on muscle confusion and intense work outs.  Now that I'm retired its fun to know that she was doing this while I was deployed.  It's a great program, DO NOT QUIT or GIVE UP on it!  Do what you can't and stick with it, it's not a fad.  Keep using it and it'll get better and show results.   It will never get easier....once it does, you're not trying!

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