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Perineum pain from squats?

Hey y'all - so for about the past week or so I've had a dull but steady pain in my perineum ("taint"). According to WebMD and such, consistent pain in that area is a sign of prostate inflammation and should be seen to by a doctor. *However* not long before it started I did some weighted squats for only the second time since moving someplace that has a gym (I should note that I'm in good shape overall, except for this).

So: is there a muscle down there that doing weighted squats can pull or damage? Or should I make an appointment with a doctor?
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I would make an appointment with your doctor.
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The perineal muscle is a group of muscles in an area known as the perineum, which is the triangular area between the coccyx and genitalia. The perineum contains several muscles, fascia and skin and is often referred to as the pelvic floor. I suggest seeing your doctor!!

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