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Scoliosis Help

Hello ! At the age of 17 i was diagnosed with dorso-lumbar scoliosis . I was in the hospital but I did not really get much attention and I was told to do  exercises that the other people in the room were doing. I did them for like 2 months and then quitted cause i didn't believe they could specifically fix my type of scoliosis . Now im 18 1/2 years old  and i want to improve my scoliosis .
Can someone recommend me some  exercises designed  for dorso-lumbar scoliosis? If you need pictures to be able to recommend exercises I'm willing to give you pictures.
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This is a structural problem.  We're not doctors here.  You have doctors.  They're the ones you should be asking.  I assume if there are any exercises for this problem you will be sent to physical therapy.  Also know that having this condition doesn't necessarily mean you'll have any pain from it -- that's an individual thing, and many people who have structural problems are really feeling muscle problems when they have pain, not necessarily the pinching of nerves and the like that comes from structural problems.  But you need to see medical professional for this one.  
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Not that this will work for everyone, but the best treatment I ever had for my (slight) scoliosis causing hip, knee and back pain was "Schroth Therapy", which helped me learn to breathe into the concave side of the body. This element of Schroth Therapy is known as "Rotational Angular Breathing". Recommended by my orthopaedic specialist and took a while to get the hang of after tracking down a physiotherapist versed in the technique. There appear to be a few videos of the technique if you google "Schroth Therapy".
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  Here is some information for our readers on traditional treatments for scoliosis. https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/treatment-for-scoliosis#1
Thanks for sharing the information about Scoliosis treatment with us.
Really very useful for us.
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