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Severe Stomach Pain while excercising

Hi everyone. I really need your help! I am 15 years old. I am an athlete. I play fieldhockey. I am in pretty good shape. I eat well but often eat some sweets. I drink lots of water. But there is just one problem. While im excercising whether it running on my own or at practice. I am experiencing severe stomach pain like someone is sticking a knife into my stomach. I get really gassy and have heartburn or my chest hurts. My mom seems to think it because I am not drinking enough water and I am dehydrated. I just dont think she is right because I am drinking water. The pain hurts so bad lately that it has made me stop running when Im trying to get ready for my season/tryouts coming up in a week. I'm scared because I am afraid i wont be inshape because I have had to keep stopping. But when I do stop my stomach starts to feel a tad better so I walk home. I use the bathroom and it goes away. This only happens when I exercise. Is my mom right? IS this dehydration? or something else? I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! I MIGHT NOT BE READY FOR TRYOUTS!
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Running exacerbated heartburn more than other types of exercises.
If your heartburn worsens or only happens when exercising, it might be because the blood flow to your digestive tract diminishes during exercise, making your stomach and intestines work less efficiently, allowing the valve to open unnecessarily. Waiting approximately one hour to workout after eating might help reduce your symptoms.

If you are prone to heartburn, check your diet. Many foods and beverages can make your reflux worse. Eliminate or limit caffeine, fried foods and spicy foods. While fruits and vegetables are important for your digestive health, stay away from tomatoes and citrus fruits, as they have high acidity levels. Peppermint and chocolate should also be avoided. Portion control is also helpful in controlling heartburn. Rather than eating three large meals each day, try eating smaller meals every two to three hours.
It's common when working out to become gassy because you often gulp air, which then gets lodged in your abdomen. Gas usually occurs when carbohydrates are not completely digested. Healthy foods often consumed by fitness enthusiasts, especially fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, cause gas. Constipation, laxatives and artificial food additives also cause gas. The pain occurs when the gas builds up and you're not able to let it out.
Trial and error with your diet may help you avoid gas cramps when you exercise. You may need to reduce the amount of food you consume prior to working out and eliminate foods that cause gas on your workout days. Drink water every 15 minutes as you're working out, especially if you eat a high fiber diet. Dairy products also can add to gas pains, so avoid milk or yogurt prior to working out.

Gas pains may need a little help. Peppermint tea is an effective treatment for gas cramps. Peppermint oil contains an antispasmodic property that serves to smooth the muscles in your digestive tract and ease the pressure. You can try an over-the-counter gas relief product as well. If you're involved in an intense activity when the pain hits, switch to moderate exercise such as cycling for a few minutes until the pain passes.
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thank you so much!
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Go to the doctor.
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Go to the doctor
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