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Suitable exercises for weight loss and fitness for someone with lung issue?

So I had tuberculosis, I finished the treatment but still have some problems with TB often leaves, including a scar on the lung and I get breathless easily and have pain when deep breathing. I have put on too much weight. During TB I suddenly lost a lot and after the treatment it came back rapidly. I like active lifestyle but my health condition limits me, still I would like to know if there are some exercises which are light and suitable for me.
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Hey angelez!
I/m sorry about your TB related issues and the weight gain.
I believe a modified weight training regiment will help you
with muscle toning and increased metabolism, without affecting your breathing much.
Start with light resistance/weights and go from there.
Another thing you can consider is using a vibration
machine at a low to medium intensity.
I use it at higher intensity and does not affect my breathing at all, but again, I have been doing cross training for years and my capacity is well above average.
Taking long walks every day, is another safe way  to lose some weight.
Try for an hour every day to start and go from there.
Also, should you find yourself eating "emotionally" please use low carb and low calorie options like : rice cakes,
celery and carrot sticks with yogurt based dips. using spices and herbs to enhance flavor.
Don't buy, don't stock "sinful" food items in your place at all! Divert temptation by thinking healthy all the time!
Best wishes,
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Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!
If you get the OK, then you can exercise in short sessions, such as walking for 20 minutes or completing two 10-minute walks. You should walk as often as you are able. As you build your strength, you can increase your walking time slowly. If you feel well enough and your doctor approves, you should be able to return to your normal exercise routines.

Read the following report!

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Ok that's what the livestrong website promotes, but if you check the Family Doctor dot org it says that a course of medication must be paired with proper diet, rest, and exercise in order to fully expel the bacteria from your system. Engage in regular, moderate-intensity exercise at least five days out of the week for 30 minutes or more at a stretch.
I'd say do as you're able to and listen to your own body.
No doctor's opinion is a substitute for your own body's tolerance or comfort threshold.


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I think you should consult with your doctor first before starting any exercise then you can do some light exercise and with balanced diet you can easily lose some weight.
Focus on your diet plan and strengthen your system to be able to do some normal exercise.
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