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Weight Loss and Exercise for those who work in an Office

Stuck behind a desk all day at the office?  What can someone in that position do to exercise during the day, maintain weight loss, etc?  they can have pretty tempting food in that break room and coffee and donuts does not equal a sleek physique.  How should people in this inflexible situation manage their day for some exercise and eating well?  
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I think this feeds right in to the last post you started -- if you live that sedentary life, then as soon as the work day ends, get out and move.  Those folks have to exercise formally.  When I had a desk job, as soon as my day was over I went out and ran.  On the weekends, I played basketball.  Now I was a young lawyer in those days and so the work day and work week never really ended, so I took breaks, did my exercise, meditated, ate, and often had to get right back to working, but in that situation, being an active type of person, I just had to get out and move.  Otherwise my mind turned to mush.  It's how I got through graduate school and law school, where you sit in a library and study for hours on end.  But when the mind did all it could do, it was time to move.  Come on people, isn't anyone else out there?  Mom is working hard to help us all here, there has to somebody else here -- this used to be an active forum!
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Hey, Best Ways to Lose Weight at Work :
Eat a big breakfast.
Snack away.
Avoid dinner at the office.
Travel with nonperishable foods
Keep your hands busy.
Drink a glass of tomato juice
Start your  meeting with protein and fiber.
Drink before you dine.
Drinking before you dine?  Depends.  Alcohol causes a host of diseases to have higher rates of probability to occur if you over do it, and you're basically saying drink every work day -- and of course people are also going to drink on the weekends, so nice gateway to alcoholism.  Again, tomato juice has nothing to do with weight loss.  It's high in both acidity and sugar, and many nutritionists will tell you tomatoes promote inflammation so go easy on them.  Snacking away if you're just sitting there doing nothing physical seems a good way to gain weight.  I wonder, Kristy, it's great to have new blood contributing, but do you have special education or qualifications so we know where your info is coming from?  Just to note why, besides the things I've written in response to some of your suggestions that seem contrary to the advice professionals and studies are showing, maybe you have a special expertise.  It would be nice to know that.  For example, why avoid dinner at the office?  If it's a healthful balanced meal then it really doesn't matter where you eat it, right?  It's not where you eat, it's what.  Again, I'm just wondering, because although your advice seems at odds with what we're being told, maybe you're right.  Fill us in.  And also, you might want to make some new posts, as mostly you're commenting on old posts most won't see.  But do keep contributing, we desperately need some new blood.  Peace.
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