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Weight gaining problem.

i am a very skinny guy, been skinny my whole life. i used to be very active, overly active perhaps and it was easy to understand how a possible fast metabolism and the overly active lifestyle could be the reason why i was so skinny and i like it then. but at high school i can hardly be active due to scholastic distractions and yet i never gain fats or muscles. i noticed foods digest very quickly and my stomach feel empty very soon after the meal. even when i try to eat junk foods and do nothing but sit all day, there is no weight gain. i remember during my childhood, i was never look after properly and i ingested many edibles that were thrown on the ground such as chewed gums, chips, biscuits, etc.i am looking at this possibility that my stomach and intestines have too much bacteria, worms, and other parasites that are robbing off all of the nutrients before my digestive system can even circulates it to my cells. i will very much appreciate if i would be informed on how i may verify what is causing the speedy digestion and whats keeping my weight and my bodily posture too thin and and what kind of remedies or antibiotics i may try to destroy these parasites.
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p.s. i forgot to mention that i get quite a foul breath every morning even if i had brushed my teeth the night before. and i believe thats a symptom of parasitic infestation in yer system.
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Honestly you need to see a dr, this isn't something easily done at home. Your doctor may decide to do a stool test to check for parasites. But I also recommend asking about diabetes and hyperthyroidism. These can be done with a pretty simple blood test. For the thyroid function, make sure you ask for free T3 and T4 with the standard TSH as they are more reliable at showing what the thyroid is doing.  

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