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Weight variation

Why is there close to a kilo variation between weight taken first thing in the morning and later in the day even if no food or drink is consumed ?
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The bigger question is, what does it matter?  If your weight over time is staying the same or decreasing, whatever it is you're trying to do, variations in one day don't matter.  There are so many factors that go into short-term variations in nutrient levels, weight, etc. that focusing on such short-term variations sounds more like an eating disorder or an obsession than a focus on healthier living.  Which is also raised by the fact you're going through your day without eating or drinking.  So I guess I'd ask, what are you trying to accomplish, how are you trying to accomplish it, is it working for what you want, and is it healthy for you long-term?
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Have you weighed yourself first thing of a morning and then later in the day and do you also have a variation in your weight ?
I don't weight myself.  Ever.  You can tell if you're gaining weight by looking at yourself and whether your clothes are getting tighter or not.  Weighing yourself on a chronic basis is an obsession -- the scale can't change your weight any.  Now, weight issues haven't been a big part of my life except when I've been injured or from medication, and you probably have different issues.  So because I don't have that particular obsession -- I have my own, just not that one -- I don't have any experience of weighing myself twice in one day.  But again, that's really the point I was trying to make -- everything about the human body has small variations throughout the day and the week and the month and the year.  It's only large variations that matter -- it doesn't matter, for example, if one morning you're low in magnesium if you're not always low in magnesium.  It doesn't matter if you weigh more or less a few hours later, it only matters if you're overweight long-term.  The question remains, what are you trying to accomplish, and why are you weighing yourself this frequently?  Are you not feeling well?  Do you think you might have a health problem?  If not, relax, and focus on the long-term and being healthful in what you do and eat.  Life's hard enough without making yourself more stressed.  And finally, again, why are you embarking on your day's activities with neither water or food in you?
jeniel, I've done that and yes, it is usually a variation during the day.  You haven't had time to put on your water weight, etc.  It's probably your most accurate weight reading.  Lots of people weight themselves daily.  I did and lost a big chunk of weight during that time. And if I was light in the morning, it didn't feel great in the afternoon to gain.  Oh well.  Realize that is normal.  I kept my scale in the bathroom so I'd hop on it when I noticed it in the bathroom kind of for fun or torture, whichever the day brought.  :>)  But again, don't get too stressed out if it goes up and down in the course of one day, most people do.  good luck

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